December 14th, 2017

Greetings friend,

I hope you are indulging in moments of joy and savoring instants of bliss this holiday season. I hope you know that you are loved.

Often, through my work week, I notice a theme beginning to emerge: different clients, varying ages, unique circumstances, one similar call.
This week has been a recurring message around TRUST. With patience, stillness, calm, answers come.

So often we want to jump in, take charge, manage, control, fix, save, heal, maximize, do do do until it's all done. These tendencies are amplified and intensified around the holidays.

Yet, when we can take a step back, observe, breathe, wait, then choose our actions, Spirit has the opportunity to guide, inspire, and love.

If you're struggling, stop. Redirect your thoughts. Look at the beauty of a tree, the flight of a bird. Breathe. Pause.........
In time, every time, divinely on time, a gentle nudge, an idea, a thought will come.

Because angels know the way. Spirit has the map. Love is your home.

Trust. Unconditionally, truly, eternally, you are LOVED.

With blessings always,

"I choose to see joy around me, happiness and ease flowing through me, and peace and health within me. I choose to see these things in all those around me. I choose to see."


 Please take a moment to listen to this brief recording, as I share with you what I KNOW.

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