December 20th, 2017

Hello friend,

What a wonderful world!
This week, I want to take an opportunity to extend my deepest and most sincere blessings to you. The holidays can be emotional, busy, overwhelming, crazy, and good, and I am thankful you have saved a space for the Spirit of all seasons.

As you participate in the festivities, remember that Love is truly the greatest gift of all. Packaged in all sorts of shapes and sizes, sometimes coming to us with fins, feathers, or paws, Love will find us. Love is our destiny, our true home, love is the voice that calls in the night or whispers through intuition. No matter where you are, at the top of your game or at rock bottom, with you is Love.

If you've experienced grief or loss this season, know that love lives beyond the physical and thrives in a place that is eternal. Talk to your loved ones, include them in your prayer time, express your feelings. Our loved ones on the Other Side will not judge. Spirit is the presence of Love.

This week, I have included a video. It's a bit out of my comfort zone, but I hope you will feel the love.

Thank you for being, for shining, for holding on. Thank you!

With love and angel blessings,

"I am willing to let this moment be a new beginning, a fresh start, a place where inspiration can occur. I am willing to let this moment be the one in which I choose self love. I choose to love me! I choose love."

Please click the link below and watch as I share my holiday gift with you

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