December 6th, 2017

Warmest Greeting to you Angel friend,

I hope you are feeling steady and balanced this season. I pray the joy of the holiday brings you comfort and peace.

Recently, I watched the movie "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." I had not taken it in for a significant stretch of time, perhaps even decades. Viewing it was, in many ways, akin to seeing it for the first time.

As I basked in the sweet simplicity of the animation, relaxed to the soothing voice of Sam Snowman, and relished the chill of the cold wind blowing, I became aware of something more.

Rudolph is truly a tale of self acceptance, of claiming our gifts without shame, without fear, without doubt, When we let our light shine, Spirit partners with us so we can find our way.

I don't know what your red nose is...the part of you that you'd like to hide, that you've been teased about, that makes you feel different or odd. But I KNOW THIS: the very thing we often seek to hide can teach us, heal us, help us guide others with Spirit.

Today, Rudolph, let your nose, your LIGHT, shine.

With blessings to all,

"I now allow a sense of ease to wash over me, a presence of peace to fill me, and the spirit of Love to overcome me. I am always, always loved. "

Healing Waters

Let the living waters of Spirit heal you. Be blessed.

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