May 13, 2022 | Easter
Worship at CHT
Fifth Sunday of Easter
Live Streaming & In-Person
Sunday Eucharist with Baptism
11:00 am
To Participate in Online Worship:
To keep everyone safe, we will be live-streaming worship at 11:00 am on Sundays on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account or prefer not to visit the site, you can always watch the service on the front page of the website. You can also view this worship at any time after it uploads on FB or YouTube. To go directly to the Facebook page, you can click the button below. A digital copy of the bulletin is also available below, and can always be found again on our website.

For In-Person Attendance: Face Masks are strongly encouraged for worship. If you need a mask we have them in all shapes and sizes – please ask! We ask that you continue to give space to those around you, and to be respectful of the choices others make. 
Morning Prayer Weekdays
9:00 am
Monday - Friday
Join us each morning online for live and interactive morning prayer. Click here to participate.
Open Hearts Cafe
4:30 pm
Sundays & Tuesdays
Care for your community with wide-open hearts. Help hundreds stay clothed and fed each week by donating your time to CHT's outreach ministry. Read more below or click here.
This Week at CHT

We're excited to announce that church doors will officially be open for prayer, Mondays-Thursdays, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Behind the desk, you'll find CHT's newest receptionist, Julie! You might've already seen her working rental events for the church over the past year... paired with her education in historic preservation, she's learned a lot about our building! Stop by when we're open for prayer to say hi to this Philly native! We're so lucky to have her be part of the team!
The Church of the Holy Trinity is looking for Sunday morning help with care for our youngest children.

Are you a college student home on break for the summer? Older high school student looking for a weekend job? Grandparent who just loves to hold babies?

We’re looking for someone who is consistent, responsible, and enjoys working with children.

$20-$25/hour depending on experience. About 4-6 hours per week.

Must be fully vaccinated and pass background checks required by the state of PA and the church. Contact Rachel if interested!
Helping Hands
There are all kinds of ways you can get involved at the church – from home, in-person, even from afar! We might not all be able to get together, but we can all lend a hand and share our gifts! Check out this space each week for new opportunities:
We're always looking for more hands to help out at our food and clothing ministry, Open Hearts Cafe! Are you ready to give with wide-open hearts?

Click here to sign up!
Every Sunday and Tuesday at 4:30 pm.

Open to all ages 16 and older (or accompanied by an adult).
Volunteer of the Month: We Love Kate!
Last week we talked about love for all of our volunteers here at Open Hearts, and we want to keep that rolling by introducing you to one every month: so meet Kate! No doubt you've seen her pictures here before.

She volunteers at Open Hearts regularly, is so familiar with every aspect of it, and is so in tune with our mission, Gabe was almost moved to tears by his interview with her!


“So I came to Philadelphia about four years ago-“

“And how come?”

“I’m actually pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy at UPenn, and I didn’t know anyone in Philadelphia. But when I came here I ended up looking up local food kitchens, because where I grew up I never saw homelessness - so coming here, and seeing so many desperate people around, really made me feel... it literally kept me up at night. I couldn’t sleep, it was just staying in my mind so much.

"But you know, I was so busy with my program, I found it frightening how easy it was to tune it out. It only took a few weeks. And when I realized that’s what I was doing, that I was letting myself become that person, it made me feel sad, ashamed, and honestly, lonely. So that’s when I was like ‘OK. Kate. You have to do something about this. This isn’t you.’ So I looked up local food kitchens around here and Sunday Love (the precursor to what has become Open Hearts), and I just made it part of my schedule. And I made it part of my life. I’ve been here ever since.”

“And so when you come here to Open Hearts - because I see you every Sunday and Tuesday - each day when you’re walking in, what are you coming for and when you go home what do you leave with?”

“Well, I guess one thing is that sort of initial drive that I had to realize. I can’t end homelessness. I can’t end loneliness. And I can’t change the world in that way. I wish I could. But I can change a moment for someone. I can get someone a pair of shoes that they need, maybe that they like too! Or I can make them laugh. Or I can listen to someone who needs to talk.

"But there’s more. Gabe, I spend so much time in academia, which I adore, but I spend so much time in my own head thinking about things that aren’t ‘real’, and really, thinking about myself. And when you’re here you don’t have to do that. Everything’s not about me. First of all, there’s the pace, the running around, the ‘I need a size 12 shoe! Stat!’ and I’m running into you in the hallway, but it’s a chance to get out of yourself. And then there’s being there for someone else. It’s about them.”

“Thank you, Kate. Honestly, I’m crying a little bit. But is there any last thing you want to share with whoever might be reading?”

“Yeah, I do. There are certain problems that are not within our ability to solve. But you can take a step. And that can mean everything for someone else, and it can mean everything for you too.”

All items can be dropped off Sundays and Tuesdays, 4:00-5:30 pm, at the Walnut Street entrance to the Centennial Room - or stop by the donation box by the front desk when doors are open!

Donations left at the doorstep without anyone from the church available to collect them are likely to get rummaged through or ruined! Please email us if you'd like to schedule a drop-off at a different time!
1904 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 567-1267