The Weekly: January 10, 2020
So Where Are You From Anyway?

I Am From...
I am from horses, whether riding or dragged;
from bikes with pedals, or motors instead;
from whistling or hollering to get me back there.
I am from front porch rocking and stale ginger ale,
to chocolate covered cherries and Gram in her chair.
I am from musty basements – full of laughter and cheer,
from pool playing, or singing, or just being there.
I am from Norma and Ruth, from Armando and Ed,
from Karen and Kevin - all kept us well fed.
I am from “Can it kid!” and “Don’t make me come back there!”
and “Go to your room!” - as if I really cared.
I am from “K-K-K-K” and “Krissy come here”
and I must not forget: “When will we be there?!”
I am from bread and from wine, almost any ‘ole time,
from water and incense; scripture and prayer.
I am from chocolate chip cookies and battles for batter,
from pot roast and flour – the smells in the air.
I am from boxes, and boxes, and boxes of photos,
and story and memory – that’s how I’ve been told.
I am from this hodge-podge of people and place,
the story is present in the lines on my face.
And the writing continues from dawn until dust,
on my life and others, as it naturally must.

~ Kris Williams, 10/22/2008
[This poem is inspired by the writing of George Ella Lyon and the heart work experienced in The Courage to Serve program sponsored by Duke Divinity’s Leadership Education.]
The Seekers Group
New Study Beginning Wednesday - 01/29 - 8am

In her book, Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others, Barbara Brown Taylor invites us to join her on her journey to rekindle her Christian roots. As she states, “ Holy Envy …is a book about how my envy of other traditions turned into holy envy, offering me the chance to be born again within my own tradition.”

Join the Seekers Group on Wednesday mornings at 8am in the Parlor beginning on January 29th as we read Holy Envy and explore the traditions of other religions and how such insights can inspire our own Christian faith.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. - Gary Boyd
Living the Scriptures
Weekly Study Group - Thursdays - 10:30 am

We are a woman’s group who are trying to learn to live into the scriptures. We study books like Dr. Thomas Langford’s Christian Wholeness. We will have a speaker one day in January on “Mindfulness Meditation.” We had a speaker in the fall on “Centering Prayer.” 

We meet Thursdays at 10:30 am in the Parlor. Afterwards we gather for lunch at the Croasdaile Village dining room about 12:30 PM. All are welcome to join us. 
Please call Ann S. Smith for more information at 919-384-2981.
Faith & Poetry
Limited Study - Wednesdays - 9:30am

Interested in poems and poets of faith? Rainer Maria Rilke? Denise Levertov? Helena de Bingen? Mary Oliver? More! Read. Be moved. Discuss. Write, perhaps? Short-term study. Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 15th at 9:30 am in the Parlor. 
For more information contact: Lynda 717-440-2985 or Janice
Join Duke Memorial

Join Duke Memorial | Would you like to make your ‘yes’ to discipleship through DMUMC official? Join the church on Sunday, January 19! A New Member class will follow in the Spring: An opportunity to learn more about the mission and vision of Duke Memorial and the numerous ways you can engage your prayers, presence, gifts,
service and witness.
Email a Ministry Team Member by January 14th for more information or to sign on. 
Durham Pilgrimage of
Pain and Hope
A Special Invitation from Pastor Kris

Put on your walking shoes a join me for the Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope, together with friends from All Saints’ UMC. As we travel through Durham, we will grow in connecting Durham’s story, to our own stories, to God’s story. 
Dates: Pre-meeting 1/28, 6:30 pm. Pilgrimage 1/31 - 2/2 All Day. 
Info and Registration: or
Stephen Minister Training
Have you gone through a “rough time”? Perhaps it was a disappointment, a loss of a career or a marriage, or maybe the loss of a loved one. 
Think about how you recovered.
 - Who and what helped?
 - Did someone help you?
 - How long did it take? 
Have you thought about ways you might be able to help someone else? You don’t have to have answers for someone, but you could offer a listening ear. You might consider becoming a Stephen Minister! 
With the training you would receive, you could become “a wounded healer”. For someone who does not need a counselor, you could be a Stephen Minister who “walks with someone and listens”.
You would learn and practice how to care...
 - How to listen and not dictate or judge
 - How to be empathetic
 - How to pray for and with someone
 - How to let someone recover “their way”
To attend an overview of Stephen Ministry:
Thomas Crichlow, (919) 280-3615 or Blaine Butterworth, (919) 683-3285
You are Welcome, You are Loved

Since the adoption of our Welcome Statement in 2015, we have worked hard together as a congregation to live fully into its call. While previous efforts have focused intentionally on the inclusion of LGBTQ identified persons, our welcome statement and our faith call us even further. To that end, Church Council has approved a congregation wide campaign for the year 2020 that will engage the breadth of our welcome statement through worship, formation, and communication.
Each month will focus on an individual call to welcome expressed in our statement such as age, race, and physical ability. With each intentional focus we will listen to one another, learn together, and grow as a community.
We look forward to our year ahead as we live faithfully into our call of welcome and inclusion.
Staff Love Offering

SPRC is planning a special celebration for our staff in February of 2020. We will continue collecting Love Offerings for them until February 4. Please share your love and gratitude with our staff as they strive to help us share Christ from the Heart of Durham!
Please make funds payable to Duke Memorial UMC and
designated for "Staff Love Offering"
Diaper Drive

  This month, we will celebrate Epiphany by remembering the generosity of the Magi to the newborn baby. Duke Memorial's Diaper Drive will last the whole month of January, benefiting the Diaper Bank of NC. We will collect diapers (new or opened packages), wipes, and feminine hygiene products outside the church office and at the altar rail every Sunday. Please consider donating to the children and women in need in our community, and contact Pastor Jennifer with questions.
2020 CROP Hunger Walk

 The 2020 CROP Walk is on April 5, 2020. Duke Memorial raised a lot of money for CROP to help fight food insecurities and hunger both worldwide and in the Durham community in 2019. Lets help again in 2020. More information about CROP in 2020 will come soon. 
Enrollment 2020-2021

 Duke Memorial Weekday School serves children ages 2-kindergarten in a loving play-based preschool environment. Registration for 2020-2021 begins on January 1.  Church members have priority over the general public if applications are received by February 6. To get more information or to schedule a tour, contact Julie Allen at or 919-688-5130.
As our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to love and accept every person, Duke Memorial United Methodist Church welcomes into our life together those of every age, race, ethnic background, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, family or socioeconomic status, educational background, and physical or mental ability. In our commitment to the reconciliation of all persons as beloved children of God, we celebrate our diversity and recognize the sacred worth and dignity of all. We invite you to join us in our faith journey toward discipleship in Christ with mutual respect, understanding, and love.
Sunday Connections
Sunday School | 9:45am
Options for all ages, nursery available

Welcome Center | 10:00am
Coffee and donuts

Worship | 10:55am
All ages welcome, nursery provided
Announcements for distribution in email and bulletin are due by Wednesday at 5pm.

Submit announcements and questions to Mark in the church office.