The Weekly: February 19, 2020
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Church Chat

Every Sunday following worship | Zoom

"'Church Chat has been a lifeline for me. Since March 15, when we switched to virtual worship, Roger and I have been gathering at his computer each week. The chat function there gives some connection to others watching, but I really like seeing and being able to interact with others at the chat following the service. When it’s not held, I miss it, and I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to be with others there." - Leta Loyd

The Durham CROP Walk will be virtual again this year on April 18th.
Organized by Church World Service, this fundraiser has supported families in Durham for 47 years. 25% of the money raised supports food programs in Durham while the other 75% helps fight hunger and food insecurities worldwide.  In 2020, Duke Memorial was awarded the Golden Sneaker for the most money raised for a congregation our size!

Let's work together again to make this year be another successful year for
The Durham CROP Walk. 
Team Duke Memorial UMC, team captain Sid Allen.
Church Council

The February meeting will occur on February 23 at 7:00. The beginning of the meeting will be a Charge Conference to approve a salary increase for lead pastor Heather Rodrigues.

Frank Brown, Chair of Church Council

Thank You | Ministry Team

Dear Church Family,
On behalf of the Ministry Team, I want to thank you for your generous giving towards the Christmas Love Offering. Each staff person received just over $400! This 'amen' goes a long way in not only affirming the gifts of our team but also thanking them for their creative work and persistence during such a tough year.
-Pastor Heather
Supporting Our Custodian Kelvin Ramirez

Honduras was devastated last fall by two hurricanes (NPR) and the family of our custodian, Kelvin Ramirez, lost everything but their walls and roof in the city of San Pedro Sula. Padre Noa and Madre Olga, along with Abuelo Santos and other family members are finally back living in their home but still have no beds, stove or refrigerator.

Please consider giving a donation to Duke Memorial to be used for the purchase of appliances and beds for Kelvin's family.

Please mark your nondeductible gift with the name "Kelvin".
We will be collecting donations for Kelvin's family throughout the month of March.
Happy Birthday!

We celebrate the lives of these individuals in our community. Use the Member Directory and send them a note of love and celebration.

2/21 - Sam Turkington
2/23 - Dawn Battiste, Sara Pacholke, Cole Matheson, Griffin Matheson
2/24 - Sarah Faye Fisher
2/25 - Knox Haynes
2/26 - Anne Carroll, Anne Marie Boyd, Matthew Bailey, Jennifer Shingleton, Laurie Pope
2/27 - Jordan Jones
DMWS Diversity Book Fund
One of the cornerstones of the philosophy of DMWS is a commitment to diversity. In the past, books for young children that depict diversity have been difficult to find. Luckily this is now changing and DMWS would like to add a wide range of books representing diversity to our library. In honor of Read Across America Day on March 2, DMWS welcomes donations to our library fund so we can expand the diversity of our collection. To contribute, please contact Julie Allen at or send a donation to DMWS via mail at the church address. Thanks so much for your support of our program.

District Dismantling Racism Event
On February 25th at 7pm. Motus Theater will present "Welcoming the Stranger" in which Motus Theater’s undocumented monologists invite you to step into their shoes. Their monologues interrupt the dehumanizing and racist, anti-immigrant narratives. Special guest readers include Bishop Hope Morgan Ward and District Superintendent Mike Frese. The reading will be followed by both personal and theological reflections on the importance of sacred hospitality, and the impact of stepping into the shoes of an undocumented immigrant. Each monologue is followed by a musical response by a guest musician. Info & Register →

Sunday Worship will continue online with live-stream and church chat.

Formation groups will continue online and may gather in small groups inside at DMUMC.**

Committee meetings will continue online and may gather in small groups inside at DMUMC.**
** With Restrictions. All reservations must be coordinated by the church office
Welcome Statement
As our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to love and accept every person, Duke Memorial United Methodist Church welcomes into our life together those of every age, race, ethnic background, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, family or socioeconomic status, educational background, and physical or mental ability. In our commitment to the reconciliation of all persons as beloved children of God, we celebrate our diversity and recognize the sacred worth and dignity of all. We invite you to join us in our faith journey toward discipleship in Christ with mutual respect, understanding, and love.