The Weekly: September 20, 2020
Welcome | Pastoral Interns

Every summer and academic year we welcome into our life together students from Duke Divinity school who join us to learn, grow, and teach as they pursue a call to ministry.
This year we welcome for the first time, Emma Rankin, and we welcome back Angie Hong and Mac Albergotti.
Join us for Worship and Church Chat on Sunday to say welcome.
In the meantime, you can read their introductions online.
Begins this week!

Shalom Sistas
Book Study

One of the things many of us are looking for right now is ...PEACE. Join us as we discover with Osheta Moore, author of Shalom Sistas, what the Bible has to say about peace. She will take us through the twelve points of the Shalom Sistas' Manifesto, as she experiments with practices of everyday peacemaking and invites us to do the same.

Wednesdays 9:30-11:00 am 
beginning September 23, 2020 (6 weeks)

Ladies of all ages

In-person & online
15 max in-person.
Face coverings and social distancing observed.

Wounded Healer
Book Study
Be the Bridge
Book Study
Just Mercy
Film Discussion
Mobile Market | Tomorrow

No training required. Share fellowship, food and laughs with our fantastic West End Volunteer team as we distribute fresh healthy food to hundreds of families here at Duke Memorial. There are a variety of roles available.

Anti-Racism | Spotlight

Blood Done Sign My Name
Live on Zoom | NC Stage Company

Henry “Dickie” Marrow, a 23-year-old U.S. Army veteran whose wife was pregnant with their third daughter, was beaten down and shot to death in the street by Robert Teel, Teel’s 18-year-old son Larry, and Roger Oakley, Teel’s 21-year-old stepson, for allegedly making a remark to Larry Teel’s wife. Despite testimony by two black eyewitnesses, the men were acquitted of the crime by an all-white jury. Roger Oakley, Teel’s stepson, actually confessed to shooting the gun but was never indicted. But it was the Teels’ acquittal for their hotheaded hate crime that launched the city of Oxford, North Carolina into a season of violent reprisals.
Performed live on zoom Sep. 10th thru Sep. 27th.

Charge Conference

Tuesday, September 22
7:00 pm | Online

Everyone is invited to attend a Charge Conference on Tuesday evening, September 22, as Council votes to approve Eliza Stewart as a certified candidate for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church. Although only Council Members and others designated by the Discipline can vote, church members, friends and visitors are invited to be present at the Charge Conference to celebrate Eliza's call and support her and her wife, Jayne.

Happy Birthday!
We celebrate the lives of these individuals in our community. Use the Member Directory and send them a note of love and celebration.

9/20 - Mary Zigbuo. Caleb Sublett
9/21 - Alex McCracken, Juli McCracken
9/22 - Polly Mixon, Mason Curtis, Fuller Sasser Jr
9/23 - Georgiary Bledsoe, Teo Coffman,
9/24 - Joe Kennedy Jr., Barbara Self, Leah Thomas
9/25 - Metta Metcalf, Ann Bowen,
9/26 - Will Shingleton, Wren Pittman, Oliver Daymont

Sunday Worship will continue online with live-stream and church chat.

Formation groups will continue online and may gather in small groups inside at DMUMC.**

All committee meetings will continue online.

We encourage acts of service through Duke Memorial and ​our Partners.
** With Restrictions. All reservations must be coordinated by the church office
Welcome Statement
As our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to love and accept every person, Duke Memorial United Methodist Church welcomes into our life together those of every age, race, ethnic background, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, family or socioeconomic status, educational background, and physical or mental ability. In our commitment to the reconciliation of all persons as beloved children of God, we celebrate our diversity and recognize the sacred worth and dignity of all. We invite you to join us in our faith journey toward discipleship in Christ with mutual respect, understanding, and love.