Hello and welcome to the dawn of another Autumn season!

If you live in area with the four seasons you are likely noticing that temperatures are beginning to drop. Families are transitioning into the school year rhythm. The hours of daylight are lessening. 

I've surrounded the photo above with autumn leaves but I'd like to spend a few moments discussing the hands. We are so blessed that God has given us HANDS! Thank you God for hands!

I think about the many hands involved in helping our families place and adopt embryos. Often the work of these hands goes unnoticed, unappreciated. Then, too, there are the hands of our families. Hands working hard to collect and share information. Hands writing emails or dialing phones. Hands showing kindness to a spouse or a child.

And so, I want to thank all of the hands involved in helping make the Snowflakes program successful.

Give yourselves a hand!

Safely Expanding Family Through Embryo Adoption

When Justin and Amanda decided to pursue in vitro fertilization after the birth of their first child, they always knew they would end up donating their remaining embryos... 

When Ryan and April’s second daughter was just six days old, she was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that ended up taking her life just a few short months later. "We decided not to have any more biological children, but we didn’t feel that our family was complete.”

Read the full story...

Weird or Wonderful?

Answers to Questions About Embryo Adoption

Join Us for a Snowflakes Webinar

All your questions answered about embryo adoption!

When: Oct 13, 2022 01:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Topic: Snowflakes Adoption Info Webinar


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Embryo Donation: Making Dreams ComeTrue

What do you think about this video creation?

We created this video Embryo Donation: Making Dreams Come True to help people see clearly that remaining frozen embryos are people with potential waiting to be born. Please take this one question survey to let us know what you think. Personal comments are welcome.

Are Pregnancies or Babies Different

with a Fresh or Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Frozen Embryo Transfers:

Increased implantation rates

Increased sustained pregnancy rates

Increased live birth rates

Lower miscarriage rates

  • Lower Risk for Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Lower Risk for Low Birth Weight
  • Lower Risk for Smaller for Gestational Age
  • Lower Risk for Pre-Term Delivery
  • Healthier babies

"It may be that a frozen embryo transfer is more 'physiologically similar' to a spontaneous pregnancy."

Source: Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology [SART]

August Snowflakes

This month we welcome 8 new Snowflakes babies.




T & R welcomed their daughter Regan

D & J welcomed their daughter Rebecca

J & R welcomed their daughter Twyla

E & S welcomed their son Levi

G & D welcomed their daughter Lavinia

N & J welcomed their son Samuel

D & P welcomed their daughter Magnolia

C & J welcomed their son Truett


Strawberry Shortcake has got nothin' on Regan!

Mr. Elephant may become Rebecca's Velveteen Rabbit.

Miss Twyla is wrapped in perfect princess garments.

Levi is glad for a rest after the excitement of being born.

Lavinia is just brand, spank'n new. Thank you God!

Created at the same time, frozen in separate straws, finally reunited!

Snowflakes brothers Samuel #953, and Benjamin #661.

Big sister Arden #650 exudes joy about her baby brother Truett #955.

"I was just an itty, bitty embryo," says Emory

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