Interested in keeping the good dreams coming while warding off the nightmares? Here are some science-backed, Houston-centric ways to improve your sleep:

It’s been shown that listening to relaxing music can improve subjective and objective sleep measures, so find some tunes to rock you lullaby at these Houston hot spots: 
  • Sig’s Lagoon Record Shop: Located straight down Main Street from the medical school, look no further for CDs, records, and tickets to local music events 
  • Cactus Music: Among their music selection, used DVDs could include hidden gems focusing on meditation, visualization or relaxing visuals to help you zen into those zzz’s 

Reading a book in bed has been shown to improve sleep quality compared to not doing so, so pick up your next calming story and get cracking: 
  • Quarter Price Books: Located conveniently next to Cactus Music, pick up a book and some tunes for the ultimate sleep-time routine 
  • Houston Public Library: With two locations, there are double the places to check out your next favorite

Specific types of tea have been shown to provide sleep-benefits, check out these local spots to pick up your next bag: 
  • Rice Coffeehouse: Located on Rice’s campus, this student-run coffeeshop boasts a “Chaus soothing tea” 
  • The Path of Tea: With more than 100 loose-leaf options, you’re bound to find your new favorite addition to your nighttime routine