El Topo | Award Winning Western restaurant and Infamous Food Truck serving hand made staples in the Mexican, Cowboy, and Southern traditions

Gyro King | your one-stop Mediterranean restaurant serving a variety of hearty, delicious Mediterranean food, available for lunch and dinner.

Main Chick | True hot chicken without needing to travel to Nashville. Red hot strips of chicken are made into saucy sandwiches and served atop a bed of fries for a fiery meal.

Oh My Gogi | Funky food truck offering creative Mexican-Korean eats such as kimchi quesadillas.

Tacos Tierra Caliente | Low-key, mobile truck serving Mexican fare such as tacos & tortas alongside breakfast.

Tasty Arepa | Columbian and Venezuelan street snacks including cheese-filled tequenos, choriperro, and more.

Twisted Grilled Cheese | Grilled cheese sandwiches with a twist with options like the 5-cheese pepperoni pizza sandwich, the smokehouse brisket, and the halal Philly grilled chicken.