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Parks & Recreation Department
Tina LeBlanc, Director of Parks & Recreation
The Parks & Recreation Department has had a happy Holiday season by teaming up with Santa and hosting a visit Santa night with over 100 children who came to sit with Santa and tell him their wishes for Christmas. Along with the festivities 200 full size Christmas and 20 table-top trees were sold. Santa also followed up with over 50 children in the community with a personalized phone call one cheerful evening. 

Programming has been going fairly well despite the troubled times of COVID. Our Before and After school care has been moving along steadily with our dedicated staff and has only had a few bumps with children being close contacts or came down with the virus. Because of our safe procedures the number of close contacts stayed at a minimum allowing the program to continue for the rest of the children.

Basketball season started and has been a popular activity for many. We are hosting programs for grades K-6th . We are following the school’s protocols on mask wearing being mandatory inside during our programs which has been successful in keeping participants as healthy as possible. 

We have more programs starting after the holiday school break which we are looking forward to. With the winter weather sneaking up on us, we are also excited to offer our Outdoor Skate Nights as soon as the ice is safe to skate on and rent out our cross-country skis, snowshoes, and skates for those winter adventurers! I know this isn’t very popular for some people but we are excited for the snow to come!! Enjoy the winter and get outside and experience some adventures!  
Public Works Department
Carol Murray, Director of Public Works
There have been many phones calls to Public Works asking if sand is available for residents. YES! It is actually a sand/salt mixture, available behind the large Public Works facility at 595 North Berwick Road. It is in a shed behind the building. Bring your shovel and a bucket if you need this material. Please respect the need for this to be available for all, so we ask that you take no more than 3 buckets a storm. This is available for residential use only, no commercial applications. 
Finance Department
Jodie Sanborn, Finance Director
The Finance Department continues to be busy with vehicle registrations and tax collection. It is important to remember that vehicle re-registrations can be done several months ahead of time for those citizen or taxpayers that will not be in Wells when it is time to re-new their registration. For citizens or taxpayers that are looking at purchasing a new vehicle while away from Wells for the winter please remember that all first-time registrations must be signed by the purchaser. Please plan accordingly since these transactions can be done through the mail but will require extra time as you will pay excise tax to the Town and then complete the transaction by mail with the State.

The department is preparing for the start of the foreclosure process for 2020 tax liens. The department will be sending out the Notice of Impending Foreclosure on January 28th. If you are a taxpayer with outstanding 2020 taxes, please reach out to us at 646-5113 ext. 356 as soon as possible. To maintain ownership of your property the 2020 tax lien must be paid in full by the end of the day on March 16th.

As we start into the New Year, we would like to wish all the citizens and taxpayers in the Town of Wells a very safe and Happy New Year.  
208 Sanford Road
Wells, ME 04090