May 2020
Welcome to the Welltech1 Community Digest . Welltech1 is the premier landing pad in the Startup Nation for global minded organizations in the health and wellness space. We provide companies with an innovation platform, help build brand equity, and work to position partner organizations as innovation minded thought leaders in the wellness space. As ecosystem partners in wellness we assist in identifying emerging technologies based on an organization's needs with our bespoke scouting services here in Israel.

Israel the Startup Nation is extremely resilient and has beaten back the spread of COVID-19. The economy is slowly beginning to open, and that includes the tech ecosystem. Israel’s entrepreneurs are leading the way in developing practical solutions to combat this virus, and that includes participating in the race to come up with a vaccine. 

It’s worth noting that the Israeli ecosystem is still active, as indicated by Intel’s close to 1-billion-dollar acquisition of the mobility app Moovit. Israeli startups offer atypical solutions to difficult problems, and COVID-19 is no exception so expect to see further growth in this area. If anything, today many venture funds have resources to invest and talented professionals which have been furloughed may well consider launching a startup to create their own opportunities. While we are going to face difficult economic times this year, we may also see another wave of startups led by practical, experienced teams looking to solve real problems.
Welltech1’s activity has been featured in the news lately, and we’re proud of our team’s accomplishments. 
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Attention all wellness technology startups: While most investors have been silent during the COVID-19 crisis, Weltech1 is calling wellness technology startups to apply for an investment of up to $200K. The startups will be chosen together with industry leaders such as the Global Wellness Institute , Facebook , Nike , International Flavors & Fragrances , Harel Insurance & Finance , Smart Group, Legia Warszawa S.A. , along with local ecosystem partners such as Viola Ventures , ESOP - EXCELLENCE , ZAG-S&W , SZ Accounting & Financial Consulting Firm , SolaVieve - The New Standard in Health and Wellness , and the Welltech1 advisory board.

Welltech1 believes in the importance of taking responsibility for our bodies, spirit, family, and community not only during the Coronavirus period but as a way of life. Click here to see all events.
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During uncertain times there is a tendency to turn inward, to hold on to what one has, and to avoid risk. With every crisis there is an opportunity, and many world class companies including half of the world’s Fortune 500 organizations were built during economic downturns. Today wellness entrepreneurs in Israel have used this uncertainty to develop solutions to combat COVID-19. Practical solutions to fight the coronavirus are only one aspect of wellness tech, and this vertical has grown to include several sub-verticals. To read more of our analysis and work in the ecosystem click here.
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