March 2020
Welcome to the Welltech1 Community Digest . Welltech1 is the premier landing pad in the Startup Nation for globally minded organizations in the wellness space. We provide global companies with an innovation platform, help you build your brand equity, and work to position you as an innovation minded thought leader in the wellness space. As ecosystem partners in wellness we also assist you in identifying emerging technologies based on your organization's needs with our bespoke scouting services here in Israel.

We would be remiss not to mention the coronavirus’s impact on Israel and the world. Life and work is changing for the near future, but a place like the Startup Nation is extremely resilient. Israel is leading the way in tackling this virus, and the chance of a vaccine being created in the country are high.
If anything, this global crisis has highlighted the importance of wellness; not just social distancing and hygiene, but of how lifestyle habits such as exercise, healthy eating, and sleep are important in strengthening our immune systems. If investing in this space was important, now it is vital for humanity’s longevity. In every crisis an opportunity appears, and we believe with urgency it is the next wave of wellness focus startups. 
We have gone digital and are conducting all our meetings with members, office hours, and one on ones via Zoom. To schedule a call with someone from the Welltech1 team to learn about the work we are doing during this period with the wellness community please respond to this email.
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Digital Visit with Legia Warsaw

Welltech1 was planning on hosting the Polish soccer team during their visit to the Startup Nation in the coming weeks. Given the current situation instead we are putting together a day of speed dating with startups via Zoom.
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Welltech1 & Facebook Workshop

“An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” -Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Motors
In this session we will deconstruct the term ‘data-driven marketing’ and discuss the most important tests early-stage startup should be conducting in order to learn fast and grow, as well as the practical FB tools you can use to do so.
2020 Global Wellness Summit

Tel Aviv, boasting more start-ups than any city after Silicon Valley, is a world leader in health and wellness innovation; from reimagining the future of food to breakthroughs in digital health and fitness tech. The conference agenda and new Tech Innovation Pavilion will immerse attendees in the high-tech future of wellness. Welltech1 is proud to be a part of bringing this conference to Israel in 2020, to learn more click here .
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For people who are currently in quarantine we recommend our featured company below. This is a difficult time but through technology we can ease some of the anxiety and suffering.
CalmiGo : This startup offers the first drug free solution device providing immediate relief of anxiety, anxiety attacks or stress by regulating the users’ breathing pattern and stimulating their senses. The device is patent pending and contains three proven anxiety methods, including: exhalation Prolongation - learning mechanism that adapts to user’s performances in real-time, relaxing scent; a unique technique that enables embedding of aromatherapy oils into solid elements; and sensory stimulation grounding that shifts the focus from anxiety to calm.
Visit their website here.

The coronavirus has been thrust upon us and become a part of our daily lives. The global community is still learning how to best deal with this global pandemic, but there are things we can all do on a personal level to help mitigate this highly infectious disease by parlaying the technology literally at the palm of our hands.

Analysis and insights from our team of leading experts focused on the wide scope of trends which encompass the wellness ecosystem. In each issue our experts cover trends and ideas you need to be aware of to stay on the razor’s edge of understanding wellness both in Israel and globally.
Health & Wellness Spotlight: Self Care Isn't Selfish : You need this in order to perform.

Israel’s Soapy claims its hand-washing solution can kill coronavirus : It’s a silver bullet in spotting the virus’s spread.

Now is a Really Good Time For Wellness Tech : This is a good time to become a partner with Welltech1.

8 strategies for leading in this unprecedented moment : Now is the time for the wellness community to lead from the front.
Welltech1 invests in and accelerates wellness startups with the goal of increasing viability, seeking additional investment and connecting to global partners immersed in the wellness market. Welltech1 provides startups with the know-how to scale, a dedicated professional team of wellness experts, business advisors, and global partners a gateway to accessing the global $4.5 trillion wellness market.

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