Volume 1 | Issue 3 | December 18 , 2019
Whitnall Tax Impact
At the budget hearing and annual meeting in September, we shared positive financial news; the mill rate decreased for the second year in a row. The mill rate is how many dollars a property owner will be taxed for every $1,000 of property value. 

School Year & Mill Rate
2017-2018: $10.09
2018-2019: $9.86
2019-2020: $9.12
When the referendum was first passed, we anticipated a $0.53 increase to the mill rate. A number of positive factors have worked in Whitnall’s favor the last two years to, instead, keep the overall tax levy flat and decrease the mill rate. We hope to continue to stabilize tax bills as much as possible moving forward.
School districts are one of five entities who comprise your January tax bill. Property taxes also include Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee County, Milwaukee Sewer, and your local municipality taxes. While the Whitnall School District reports the average mill rate across the district, the actual tax impact can vary from household to household dependent upon a number of factors.
Be All On Board!
For more information, visit the following page: All On Board .

100 Years of Broadway
Whitnall Theatre Presents
"100 Years of Broadway"
January 16, 17, 18 @ 7 PM
January 19 @ 2 PM
For tickets, go here !
Referendum Projects Completed
Check out this video, which documents the construction process and showcases the new learning spaces. Thank you for supporting our referendum. YOU made this possible.
High School Cafeteria Remodel
In July, the school board received a tour of the high school's cafeteria, revealing the condition of the physical structure. Among the concerns were the damaged north wall, the unusable courtyard space, an inefficient layout causing timing issues, and crowded lunch periods. We are in the early phases of designing solutions. In addition to updating the infrastructure, which is original to the building, we also hope to increase the efficiency, create a usable courtyard, develop a multi-purpose space (for additional capacity and new learning spaces), and shift from three lunch periods to two (allowing for greater flexibility in WHS scheduling). 
This project is outside of the referendum work, which is complete. The updated cafeteria will be funded with operational dollars within Whitnall’s yearly budget allocations. This will be a space that all Whitnall students will eventually be able to enjoy. We look forward to starting construction this spring and being ready for occupancy by September 1, 2020. More details and updates will be provided as we progress through the project.