Are you wondering who to talk to at Excel?
Shawnacy Nauroth
Shawnacy M. Nauroth
President & CEO
Why Do you Contact Shawnacy

Any type of mortgage lending related compliance Issues.
If you have gone through anyone below first, and feel like you need additional questions answered.
If you think we can make the lending and real estate process better.

Louisa Blake Nauroth
Louisa Blake Nauroth
EVP of Real Estate Sales and Operations
Why Do You Contact Louisa

Real Estate and Compliance Issues or Questions
Marketing, Business Development, Recruiting

Julia Belicheva
Julia Belicheva
Loan Processing Manager
Why Do You Contact Julia

Processing Team, Unresolved Issues with Loans in Process After Working with Assigned Processor

Jennifer Nay
Jennifer Nay
Loan Funding and Post-Closing Manager
Why Do You Contact Jennifer

Loans in Funding stages
Loans in Post-Closing (waiting to get purchased)

Toshina Prasad
Toshina Prasad
Executive Assistant / Agent Onboarding
Why Do You Contact Toshina

New Agent Onboarding
Agent Updates
Agent (Non-Transasction Related) Questions

Ashli Hudson
Ashli Hudson
Real Estate Transaction Coordination
Why Do You Contact Ashli

Broker Demands
SkySlope Issues
TC Services

Nick Mineo
Nick Mineo
In-House Loan Officer
Why Do You Contact Nick

Excel Realtors - If you want a great lending experience for yourself and your clients

Tim Amin
Senior Accountant

Why Do You Contact Tim

Getting Paid! Closing Packages, Checks, W9s, 1099s

Meet The Loan Processing Team
Jasmine Hargrove - Loan Setup / Initial Loan Submission
Kate Iannone - Disclosure Specialist

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Shayan Dolatshahi - Loan Processing
Hilai Hassani - Loan Processing
Cathy Foote - Loan Processing
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Mo Gilani - Loan Processing
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Naisha Maiava - Loan Processing
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Thomas Smyth - Recruiting
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