To experience your Whole Awakened Self is unmistakable, life transforming and a treasure that can never be lost.
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To experience your Whole Awakened Self is

 unmistakable, life transforming and a 

 treasure that can never be lost.

March 24th 1 to 10 pm
March 25th 10 to 8 pm
March 26th 10 to 6 pm
Tuition: $465, includes vegetarian dinner on Saturday, lunch and dinner 
 on Sunday and lunch on Monday
Indoor and outdoor camping, with showers and kitchen 
 access available for $25/night
Phone: 410-998-9777

"I am honored and blessed to share this breakthrough work with Jessica Dibb, whose commitment to the Unified Field of Breathwork is unparalleled. We dedicate our work together to the awakening and ascension of each person on our planet. We are creating together with you a community of light beings who breathe an unstoppable loving force for enlightened consciousness so needed at this time in our world."