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The Decades  series features long overviews and short entries discussing people and companies; books, films, and plays; products and technological advances; elections and political movements; and other important topics representative of each decade.
New for Spring 2019:
The 1910s in America
America was booming during the second decade of the century, and these volumes cover it all. Entries discuss America's love affair with the automobile, a "longer" day for urban dwellers made possible by electricity, changes in jobs and earnings due to the millions of immigrants who entered the country at the beginning of the decade, a rise in divorce, and, of course, the Great World War. Every entry focuses on a topic or person during the 1910s that made the decade unique.

Salem's  Decades  series has been acclaimed as effective teaching aids that enable students to better understand significant aspects of each decade's history. Written to be understood by high school students and college undergraduates, these volumes offer a clear and innovative approach to North America that can also be used by advanced students, scholars, and interested general readers.
Pub. Date: February 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64265-040-2
Price: $395
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Written with the needs of students and general readers in mind, this series presents clear discussions of its topics, explaining terms and references that may be unfamiliar. Entries fall into the following general categories: arts and architecture, business and economics, crime and the law, disasters and events, film and television, health and medicine, military and war, politics and government, science and technology, sexuality, social issues, sports and popular culture.
"A great addition to school, public or undergraduate library collections. Recommended." - CHOICE
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