December 8, 2019 ~ Building Community One Positive Story at a Time
Thank you to all the vendors, patrons, and grinches who came out to enjoy Christmas on the Common!!
The weather held off to make a perfect day to kick off the season!! Happy Holidays to all from the BBA 🎄✨🎄

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Historical Tidbit:
Law Enforcement in Early Bridgewater

In these days of police/community relations, one can't help but wonder how it all began. Dr. Ben Spence has researched this subject and come up with some interesting information.

In the beginning, the church was the ruler. Church elders or deacons handled those that broke the laws of the colonies, little more than the Ten Commandments.

As time went on and the population spread out, there was a need to handle law enforcement on a local level far removed from the first church. Early church records talk of parishioners being brought before the church by the deacons to confess their crimes and face the punishment. The punishment often involved lashes or a fine and sometimes a commitment to attend services with reform in mind. Capitol crimes were still sent to the county court in Plymouth.

It was not until the American Constitution called for the separation of church and state that the state, county or community government slowly took over the responsibility of laws to control offenders.

In Bridgewater, the turning point was finally the creation of the four separate towns and the end of churches being used as the seat of town government.  Each town appointed constables, and it was not until about 1900 that we hear about formal police officers.

What were the offenses back then, are much the same as what we read about today. Church records speak of folks being brought before the church for robbery, home invasion, intoxication, rape, infidelity, assault and battery, and murder.  
So, today's news is nothing new, people will be people.

Respectfully submitted, David Moore
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Joanne O'Brien
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5-6ft Christmas Tree from
Nessralla Farm Store,
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Farm Fresh Christmas Trees
Dec 1st - 15th
Sundays 10:00a - 6:00p
Saturdays 10:00a-7:00p
Mon-Fri 3:00-7:00p
80 Spring St.
Vermont Firs 3'-12'
All proceeds are for charity. A Project of the Bridgewater Community Lions Club.
Help Santa's reindeer find their way!
Wed, Dec 11th from 4:00 - 5:00p
Thurs, Dec 12th from 10:30 - 11:30a
We're making Magic Reindeer Feed!
Fill a paper bag with magic feed, and then decorate the bag to make a reindeer. A poem explains what to do on Christmas Eve!
All ages welcome with adult helper.
No registration for this program, while supplies lasts.

There are many other Christmas events at the Bridgewater Public Library listed here.

Community Dance
Fridays, Dec 13th & 20th
7:30 – 9:30p
Bridgewater Senior Center
Featuring: New England Squares and Contra Dance, Circle Dances and Mixes, International Folk Dances

Beginners and singles are welcome.
First-time attendees—FREE! Otherwise, $8 per session. For more info, call or email Sam: 774-208-2933 
Fridays - Dec 13, 20
10:30 - 11:30a
Join Miss Nicole for some cool adventures in STEM! For caregivers and their children ages 3-5.
You and your child will be able to test theories and predictions through a variety of science, technology, engineering and mathematical activities. Learn to become problem solvers, innovators and collaborators while having super cool creative fun. Hope to see you there!
Space is limited. Adult participation required.
Please register by calling Nancy 508-822-5388 Ext. 208.
Bridgewater Town Council Meeting
December 3, 2019
Brought to you by BTV Access Corporation
Our "24th Annual Community Toy Drive" to benefit "Operation Santa is Wednesday, December 11.
 All current and former patients, who bring in an  UNWRAPPED NEW TOY  for either a boy or girl will receive an adjustment at  NO CHARGE !! (Complimentary adjustments are performed on the day of the toy drive only)
NEW PATIENTS ARE WELCOME ALSO !! Stop in and see our office and meet Dr Perry. For your donation of a  UNWRAPPED NEW TOY, you will receive a gift certificate for a Complimentary Consultation and Exam!!
Please consider helping us to help the community.
Call and schedule your appointment today!!
63 Main Street, Bridgewater • (508) 697-0050
Calling all Youth Grades 8-12: Cookie Fundraising Event!
Sat, Dec 14th, 6:00 - 10:30p
Central Square Congregational Church, United Church of Christ

Needed: Bakers and Decorators (Donations for supplies also accepted.) All youth grades 8-12 are invited to join Beth Basler for an evening of cookie baking and decorating! Cookies will be sold to the congregation the next morning to raise money for the youth mission trip. Pizza and salad will be provided for dinner. All participants are asked to bake 4 dozen cookies to bring for decorating (some of the recipes will only require you to prep the dough for rolling/baking). Beth will provide the list of cookies and recipes. If you can’t bake, please consider donating money for supplies (packaging materials and chocolate). If you have a festive cookie recipe that you would like to bake, send Beth the recipe so she knows what’s coming ( Please, no peanuts or pistachios of any kind. We have one participant with a nut allergy.
Cookies, candies, and chocolate bark will be sold Sunday, Dec. 15, so everyone participating (and any other willing volunteers) will need to meet in the Fellowship Hall at 8:30am to set up a table and finish packaging. It’s a breakfast Sunday, so bring your appetite! PLEASE LET BETH BASLER KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BAKING, DONATING, OR ATTENDING: 508-468-0328 (text/call). Watch the “CSCC Youth” Facebook page for additional information and updates. 

We're Your COMPLETE Garden, Farm
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We're your one-stop shop for all the supplies you need for all your furry friends!

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Holiday Craft Fair
Sun, Dec 15th
10:00a – 2:00p
The Bridge Center, Leonard Rudofsky Building
470 Pine Street
The Bridge Center is looking to host its second annual Holiday Craft Fair. Our hope is to raise money for the children and adults with disabilities that utilize our recreation services, and give our local artists a way to showcase their arts and crafts. We are hoping with your help and the help from our community, we will be able to create a wonderful fair.

Please fill out the form found below if you would like to participate at our show. Also, feel free to tell any other craft creators you feel may want to participate at our show. This event will be open to the community to enjoy!

To register: Registration Form
Wood Palace Kitchen Designs
Step 2…

7 Mill St, Middleboro
(508) 947-1975
Nessralla Farm
What will you find at the farm today?

Apple cider! Made of sugar, no water, no preservatives!

Stop in and pick some up today!

318 Plymouth St. Halifax
(781) 294-1767

Brockton Symphony Orchestra
Holiday Pops
Sun, Dec 15th - 3:00p
Oliver Ames High School,
100 Lothrop St., Easton
Celebrate the holidays with your family and friends. Dr. Emilian Badea has chosen your seasonal favorites, along with exciting soloists, sing-alongs, and fun surprises.
Order your tickets at the discount price  HERE.
Adult $25, Senior $20, Child/Student with ID FREE
Tickets at the door will be an additional $5. For questions: Symphony Line 508.588.3841
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For $109 / each month

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Call for more information today!

111 Torrey St, Suite 1, Brockton 

Sacco and Vanzetti Attempted Bridgewater Crime

My father, Frank W. Burrill was born in Bridgewater, February 1904. He would’ve been 16 years old around 1920. The following story was told to me by him.
Frank was driving the Plymouth County Sheriff (a Bridgewater resident) around, something like "driver training", when they picked up an unknown passenger. The two sat in the back seat and gave Frank a story he would tell his whole life:
In the 1920's the Town of Bridgewater was a little different than it is today. This story takes place on Broad Street at Hale Street, Dec 24, 1919

Now the Santander Bank is located at 20 Central Square, but at that time was the Trust Company. This was also a bank. Located at 233 Broad Street, on the other side of Spring Street,(now a BSU parking lot) was the L. Q. White Shoe Company factory.

Each week, the L. Q. White Company would send a truck to the Trust Company to get the cash payroll for its employees. The truck drove from the L. Q. White factory up Broad Street to the Trust Company and then back down Broad Street returning to the L. Q. White factory on Spring Street.

At the same time, it should be noted that an electric trolley cars system went from East Bridgewater Center to the Taunton Green. The trolley cars, starting in East Bridgewater and following Broad Street in Bridgewater to the Common and then continue following rt-104 to the Taunton Green, To this day you can see the remains of the trolley Power Station at the junction of Pleasant Street and Swift Avenue. That power station is the brick building.

Now the plan: Sacco and Vanzetti's touring car (A style of open car built in the United States which seats four or more people, popular from the early 1900s to 1920s.) headed into Hale Street from Broad Street. The idea was to back the touring car out into Broad Street and block and stop the L. Q. White truck. They would take the payroll and run.

But the day was cold and Broad Street was lightly coated with a thin layer of ice .

The L. Q. White truck was seen coming down Broad Street, Sacco and Vanzetti backed their touring car out into Broad Street to block the payroll truck. But a trolley car, at that moment, was coming up Broad Street, so they could only go out into Broad Street under half way. The driver of the L. Q. White truck, panicked and stomped on the brake . The truck spun out of control. And it slid backwards across the trolley tracks on Broad Street. It continued to slide backwards down the west side of Broad Street. Sacco and Vanzetti's plan didn't work, they were blocked by the trolley car moving up Broad Street, toward the Common. They drove off, escaping the scene.

Submitted by Bridgewater's own Ken Burrill

Ed. note: According to the American Bar Association Journal's accounts of Sacco & Vanzetti's trial by Michael Musmanno: on April 17, 1920, the car assumed to be the one used in both the attempted Bridgewater crime & the Braintree crimes was found abandoned in West Bridgewater. 

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The clean revolution 

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The Wilds

I am a big fan of Brené   Brown. A sociologist and writer, her insights into vulnerability and acceptance took her from Ted Talks to her own Netflix special.

As we head into "the season," it is her thoughts on developing a "strong back, soft front and wild heart" from  Braving the Wilderness  that resonates.

Sometimes, being in relationship is painful, any kind of relationship. If we are invested, we risk getting hurt. We need a strong back to set healthy boundaries and limits for ourselves. Be kind to yourself.

Then we can have a soft heart... arms wide open for hugs.

Wild heart: " out the paradox of love in our lives. Its the ability to be tough and tender, excited and scared, brave and afraid- all in the same moment." (p. 155)
Its a tension we struggle with. Being aware of pain and experiencing joy. Dr. Brown's point is that if we don't have joy and love, we can't give it away. Cultivate joy and love for yourself., make sure your own needs are being met... then you will have it to give away. Enjoy your week! ~ Jacquie
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