The Wilson House Mystery
Aug 27, 2020
Helen Woodrow Bones
Edith Bolling Galt (later Wilson)
Thanks for the tremendous response! We appreciate your assistance as we work together to find out more about this photo!
More information comes in every day including this news article from the Washington Post that shows we are not the only ones confused!

A story in the Post printed on October 19, 1915, explained that Edith Bolling Galt was frequently mistaken for Helen Bones (Wilson's cousin and acting First Lady):
The Washington Post, October 19, 1915
"Motor Courtship" of President Is Carried on Without the Public Knowing His Companion’s Identity
"It now transpires that ever since the President returned from Cornish he has been taking long motor rides. Persons here thought that he was driving with his cousin, Miss Helen Woodrow Bones, who did, as a matter of fact, leave the White House with him in the motor. Usually, however, she went no farther than Mrs. Galt’s home, where the President’s fiancée changed places with her and the pair of lovers went out over the hill roads of Virginia or through beautiful stretches of Maryland country. Few persons who passed the motor knew that the lady by the President’s side was not one of the White House family, for Mrs. Galt resembles in appearance Miss Bones and she usually wears black, which the ladies at the White House wore in mourning for the first Mrs. Wilson until the engagement was announced.
Edith and Helen were similar in age, in their early forties, and both had dark hair. Do you think they look similar? Could either be the mystery lady?

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