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August 21, 2020
New: Kalorama Audio Walking Tour
The Wilson House rolls out a new feature this week: the Kalorama Audio Walking Tour, an hour long, self-guided tour. Learn about the history and cultural diversity of the magnificent Kalorama neighborhood from those who know this neighborhood best: the diplomats, historic site representatives, residents who live and work here, and friends of the Wilson House, with guest appearances from famous Washingtonians.

All you need is your cell phone and our map to navigate. We are eager to hear about your experiences; please let us know your impressions!
Waddy Wood Walking Tour
Our recently launched Waddy Butler Wood Walking Tour is available to download. Learn about the history of thirteen houses designed by the architect of the Woodrow Wilson House, Waddy Butler Wood, and the people who lived there.
Forty people have already taken the tour! If you are one of them, let us know what you think! Email:
Wilson Wedding Promo!
Considering wedding locations? Allow us to treat you to a special "preview" of your celebration in the Wilson Garden with a complementary glass of "bubbly" and a private table to immerse yourself in the fantasy.
Opening September 10th
Suffrage Outside!
Join us in the garden of the Woodrow Wilson House for the first totally new, post-COVID, outdoor exhibition in DC, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage.

“Suffrage Outside” quite literally takes history outside to showcase how women’s work outside the home, their public protests outside in the streets, alliances with activists outside the United States, as well as the work and leadership of Black women kept outside the ‘mainstream’ of a middle-class white women’s movement, collectively propelled the American woman’s suffrage campaign to victory in 1920.
Who Was Your #FirstWomanVoter ?
Wilson house is honored to have our Executive Director Elizabeth Karcher's story included in the First Woman Voter project. In a series of videos, First Ladies, educators, journalists and other celebrities share the stories of the first women in their families to cast their votes. Please listen to Elizabeth's story and others at
Contribute the story of the #FirstWomanVoter in your family by using this hashtag on social media.
The Speaker Series Continues
Tues, Sept 8 at 12pm | Keisha N. Blain
Author of "Set the World on Fire; Black Nationalist Women and the Global Struggle For Freedom."
Tues, Sept 15, 12pm | Laura Kumin
All Stirred Up; Suffrage Cookbooks, Food and the Battle for Women's Right to Vote
Tues, Sept 22, 12pm | Korey Garibaldi
Woodrow Wilson & the Fence: Race, Architecture and Democracy at Princeton.
Tues, Sept 29, 12pm
Garret Peck & Kristoffer Smemo
Disruption and Resilience
Tues, Oct 62, 12pm
Eric S. Yellin & Brenda Jones
Racism in the Wilson Administration, Part 2
Tues, Oct 13, 12pm | Mary R. Habeck
Racialization of a Pandemic: Today and Yesterday 
About the Series
Join notable historians, curators, and leaders for a series of talks exploring varying aspects of the social movements of the early 20th Century and their relevance today. Talks will explore Women's Suffrage, activism and protest, racial inequity, and the consequences and legacy of Woodrow Wilson’s presidency.This program is part of the Wilson House's new interpretation focused on African American history, women's history and Wilson's international impact.

The series is part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Campaign for Where Women Made History. The National Trust and its supporters are making a significant, multi-year commitment to elevate the stories of women and their contributions as leaders, innovators, and ground breakers throughout the course of American history. The Woodrow Wilson House is a property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a privately funded, non-profit corporation, helping people protect, enhance and enjoy the places that matter to them.
Princeton, October 19, 1915, the day Wilson cast his vote in favor of Suffrage in New Jersey state elections.
The Mystery Continues...
Thanks to all our friends who continue to submit suggestions and sources for the identity of our mystery woman. With your help, we are narrowing it down.

Follow the search on our Facebook page or catch up with the lastest email.
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