August 26, 2021
Westwood Village Rotary Club
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September 2nd, 2021

NO MEETING. We are dark. Have a Happy Labor Day!

September 9th, 2021

Surprise program, hosted by Tom Barron.

Westwood Virtual Rotary Club Meeting for August 26, 2021
WVRC Meeting of August 26, 2021:

Social time started at noon and attendance gradually built up in anticipation of PP Steve
Day’s hosting of our Thursday afternoon Zoom meeting. Fellowship ensued, and a discussion
was held in observation of PP Chris Bradford’s background. You see, PP Chris was sitting in his
wine cellar, and John O’Keefe, Ben Fisher, and PP Gordon Fell couldn’t help but talk about their
favorite wines and where to buy them. Not to miss an opportunity, PP Tom Barron coaxed our
enophiles to give bottles of wine for our outdoor wine tasting event to be hosted by PP Chris
and Rose Gaynor on October 1 (location to be determined).

Calling the meeting to order at 12:30, PP Steve asked PP Diane Good to lead us in the pledge
of allegiance. The Zoom recorder was turned on (you can watch the entire meeting from that
point forward on YouTube, Vimeo, or Rumble), as PP Mike Newman gave the invocation. Mike
reminded us of this day in history (which we will soon learn took some of PP Steve’s thunder)-

1346 - 100 years' war Battle of Crecy, with England the victor
 1498 - Michelangelo is commissioned to carve the Pietà.
 1920 - Adoption of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution giving women the right
to vote.
1945 - Japanese diplomats board USS Missouri to receive instructions on Japan's
surrender at the of WWII.

The club’s favorite songbird, PP Ed Gauld, then led us in the Air Force song (Wild Blue
Yonder). Thankfully, most of us had muted ourselves.

  • PP Steve reported on the latest District Breakfast (held virtually) and the fact that our District Governor (Guity Javid) had contracted Covid-19.
  • Our Club in-person meetings will re-commence on November 4, 2021, at the Luski Conference Center
  • Saturday, November 6 will mark the District Foundation Celebration at the Skirball Cultural Center. Event tickets and raffle tickets should be available soon.
  • April 18, 2022, is the date of the District humanitarian trip to Puerto Rico.

Rotary Foundation Presentations:
PP Steve, also being our Rotary Foundation Chairman, took the opportunity to present
multiple Paul Harris recognitions to PP Dick Thompson (+6) and PP Aly Shoji (+2).

Presidential Re-Do of This Day in History: 
Not to be outdone by PP Mike Newman, PP Steve Day returned to the "This Day in History"
theme, repeating the recitation of the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment and adding:

  • 1883 Krakatoa eruption
  •  1910 Birth of Mother Theresa
  •  1935 Birth of Geraldine Ferraro
  •  1974 Death of Charles Lindbergh
  •  1978 Election of Pope John Paul I
  •  1989 Birth of James Hardin
  •  2004 Death of Laura Branigan
  •  2018 Death of Neil Simon

Program: John O’Keefe, vacationing in northern Wisconsin, then introduced our guest
speaker, Sandra Molina. Sandra is the Volunteer Coordinator for Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical
Center. Prior to joining the Reagan Hospital she worked at Santa Monica UCLA Hospital in the
Release of Information Department for three years. She joined the Volunteer Services team in
July 2011. She has had the opportunity to recruit hundreds of volunteers from various
professional backgrounds and walks of life, who all share the same purpose and desire to help
support our patients by providing comfort and compassion. Sandra was joined in her
presentation by her boss, Carey McCarthy, Director of Volunteers at UCLA Health System. Of
the many volunteer programs at UCLA Health, our speakers highlighted the following

  •  Information Desks
  • “Floater” (clerical / administrative)
  •  Kindness cart (a staff recognition program)
  •  Creative Arts Program
  •  Patient Escort

Members’ Questions and Observations:

John O'Keefe spoke of his and Patti’s experience with the program.... He says there are
practical benefits to volunteering. John and Patti work out of the chaplain's office. He says that
you get used to going into hospitals - a good thing. It is completely safe. You are liable to get
hooked - it makes you feel good.

PP Steve Day asked about UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. How do you volunteer there? The
application online will specify for which hospital you wish to volunteer.

PP Steve Scherer was a participant, along with Debbie, in "pet partners" for years. PP Steve
Scherer asked what has become of that program? That program is being re-instituted
now. Interaction between animals and patients is almost magical, says our speaker, Sandra

PP Tom Barron asked if volunteers must be vaccinated. Policy hasn't been finalized, although
all volunteers who have been re-activated thus far have been vaccinated.
YOE (“Ye Old Editor,” as PP Ernie Wolfe would say) PP Ron Lyster.

WVRC 202/2022 Leadership Team
President: Nancy McCready
Treasurer: Terry M. White
Youth/Vocational Service: Phil Gabriel
Peace: PP Marsha Hunt
Foundation/Director: PP Steve Day
Global Scholarships: PP Chris Bradford
Webmaster: PP Ron Lyster
Speakers: John O' Keefe
District Governor: Guity Javid
President-Elect: Christopher Gaynor
Secretary: PP Tom Barron
Community Service: Aaron Donahue
International Service: Nevin Senkan
Program Chair: PP Tom Barron
Membership/Director: PP Mark Rogo
Social Media/Director: PP Aly Shoji
Past President/Director: PP Diane Good
Assistant District Governor: Michael Lushing