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Windmill for Mar 2nd, 2023

By PP Tom Barron

President Chris asked PDG Cozette Vergari to come forward and introduce the Speaker of the Day. In a very somber introduction of Jenna Bruce, Cozette related how Jenna has been a victim of Human Trafficking, Cozette pointed out that Jenna is a very courageous women, having gone through the evils of Trafficking and has now opened herself up in the recovery process by speaking to various Rotary clubs and organizations. A very brave woman, indeed!

Jenna began her story by telling how she became involved with an on-line meeting of a man named Henry who was in the US Navy. As she was only 11 years old, she was very susceptible to his caring advances and persuasion to use minor drugs. Eventually Henry after release from the Navy came home and then, turned Jenna on to the use of morphine and heroin. Jenna told of how human traffickers prey upon the young and vulnerable by supplying them with drugs and, then blackmailing and coercing them into providing services or engage in commercial sex acts with numerous individuals. In Jenna’s case, he threatened to kill her parents if she told anyone.

Throughout her experience from age 11 until 14, she described her involvement in attending parties, use of drugs, and a feeling of “numbness” as to what was happening to her during this period. Eventually, on a specific occasion, she was sick and threw-up in a bathroom. It was then her parents checked her into a hospital. This, she realized, was her chance to escape the victimhood of human trafficking.  

Jenna related some statistics about human trafficking, experiences with police and lack of police protection and follow up. All in all, Jenna was one of the most compelling speakers to address our Club. She is obviously a very bright lady, furthering her education, and using a non-profit to advise others to avoid those individuals who prey on the young to enlist in human trafficking. There is so much more to her story then we can cover here. Trafficking is a huge billion-dollar enterprise that needs everyone of us to get involved to get it stopped.

PDG Cozette reappeared at the podium to help field questions posed to Jenna. She described the situation in Los Angeles, which is unfortunately, one of the top ten cities in the U.S. where human trafficking is rampant. Tougher laws and penalties are needed, she emphasized, and we all agreed. Thank you, Jenna Bruce, for sharing your story.

Thank you to PDG Cozette Vergari, PDG Guity Javid, Judy and JoAnn from the Westchester Rotary Club, Kathy Kearin a guest of Tom and Margot (who also attended) Barron, Susan Fisher and, Rose Gaynor for attending along with, Sean McMillan and, Jenna’s significant other.

Shout out to PP Mike Newman for reciting the four-way test without stumbling, Sherrod Hansen for leading the pledge, VP Benjamin Fisher for his Thought of the Day and, PP Ed Gauld for donning his Gene Kelly hat and umbrella for “Singing in the Rain.”


  • This Thursday's WVRC meeting, March 9, 2023, will be back and in person at Hillel at UCLA, 574 Hilgard Ave. LA, CA. The speaker will be Bob Ramirez, President of the Gabrielino-Tongva Springs Foundation on the history of the original Indian inhabitants of Los Angeles, the Kuruvungna Indians and the restoration work going on to maintain their original home on the University High School property. See Volunteer Opportunity below.

Volunteer Opportunity

  • Saturday March 11th from 10am - 12pm come help maintain the foliage for the Tongva Gabrielino Springs historical piece of Native land on the University High School campus. You will learn about the ancient tribes that populated the neighborhood, the water spring that fed the entire community for centuries all while helping preserve this historic and educational landmark. Sign up here:

  • Pageant of the Arts is back in person and WVRC judges are needed. Judging will be at University High School on March 8th starting at 4pm. There will be five categories, musical instrument, music vocal, art, dance, and speech. Winners will represent WVRC in the finals in April. Parking is available in the north lot off of Barrington. Come out and support the students by agreeing to be a Judge. Please contact PP Diane Good if available.

  • Saturday March 11th at 3:30pm the next concert in the free, informal, monthly concert series at Westwood Library will take place. This concert features the Zarebski Piano Duo from Poland, with a delightful piano four-hands program titled "From the Salons of Vienna, Berlin and Warsaw". Free parking in the library garage.

  • District 5280's newest satellite club, R.I.S.E (Rotarians for Service in Equality) is hosting its first ever fundraiser on Tuesday March 31, 2023, at 6pm to view a documentary entitled "CURED". This documentary has won numerous awards and well worth seeing. No charge to attend, but donations appreciated. Go to and sign up today.

WVRC 2022/2023 Leadership Team

President: Chris Gaynor

President Elect: PP Steve Day

Vice President: Benjamin Fisher

Treasurer: Terry M. White

Youth/Vocational Service: Diane Good

Director/Peace: PP Marsha Hunt

Foundation: PP Steve Day

Global Scholarships: PP Chris Bradford

Webmaster: PP Ron Lyster

District Governor: Olivia Patterson Ryans

Immediate Past President: Nancy McCready

Secretary: PP Nancy McCready

Community Service: Aaron Donahue

International Service: Nevin Senkan

Director: PP Tom Barron

Membership: PP Mark Rogo

Director/Social Media: PP Aly Shoji

Windmill Editor: Teya McCockran