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Windmill for March 30th, 2023

By PP Mark Rogo

22 Rotarians collected together between noon and 12:30 for the weekly meeting of the warm and friendly Westwood Village Rotary Club

After some initial technical difficulties, PP and President Chris Gaynor started our meeting, even after PP Ed Gauld and PP Steve Scherer and VP Ben Fisher debated the disappointing end of the Bruin basketball season. Jim Crane led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. PP Dwight Heikkila offered our Thought of the Day – advise for attorneys offered by President Abraham Lincoln. PP Ed Gauld (of course) led us in singing “Home on the Range”.

 Guests for the day included PP Mark Rogo’s two friends (although he does have more than two); Meir Nemetsky and Dr. Robert Audell and, VP Ben Fisher introduced Yang Shen, who is in the middle of the 14-day notification period. We all look forward to welcoming Yang into membership. 

Speaker – Terry Tegnazian – appearing as both a member of WVRC and as President of the LA Music Salon (Terry is the wife of member Scott Whittle). She started by showing us “Second Saturdays @ Westwood Library”; Music in the Westwood branch of the LAPL. This included a short video of eight cellists and others at the library playing classical music. Terry brings some of the best cultural events available to us online and in person in Westwood.

The video included the LA Police Band, a concert attended by as many as 150 people at the library. 

All of these concerts are free, mostly professional musicians and graduate students.

Terry also talked about all of the gifted musicians she is in touch with and the various classical music organizations around the Los Angeles area.

Javier Prado won the Beverly Hills audition and is part of Terry’s June program.

Terry is a big advocate of her musicians “speaking to the audience”, so there is some interchange and it’s a better bond between the audience and the musicians.

Terry’s love of classical music came from her first year at Yale Law School, where she walked to class which went by the music school. She went to a classical music concert and fell in love and has been self taught ever since. email if you wish to be sent notice about future concerns. 

Our next two meetings, April 6th and 13th will be in-person at 1389 Westwood Blvd, the Persian Gulf Restaurant. Parking will be challenging, so be sure to allow sufficient time or, carpool!!!!  


  • This Thursday's WVRC meeting, April 6th, 2023, will be at Persian Gulf Restaurant located at 1389 Westwood Blvd. (owned and run by WVRC Paul Harris Society member, Rana Farahanipour) and will feature author Judy Bernstein talking about her book, "The Poured Fired on US From the Sky: The True Story of Three Lost Boys of Sudan" Published in 2005.

  • Pageant of the Arts was a huge success this year and a big thank you to the WVRC members who volunteered as Judges. The Winners in each of the categories (there were 5) will go on to the District contest April 15th in Glendale, California. Volunteers are always welcome. We wish our winners the best of luck and thank them for their participation

  • April 16th from 1:30-3:30pm at the Westchester YMCAAnnex o Alverstone Avenue. Volunteers are needed for the Rotaract Foster Love Project to decorate suitcases, fill duffel bags and build bikes for foster youth in Los Angeles. Come out and support of UCLA Rotaract Club and, Team building with other District Rotarians for this very worthwhile project!!

  • PP Bob Wessing's celebration of life will be held on April 24th at 2pm at the Westwood United Methodist Church.

  • April 29th WVRC will once again do a cleanup project in Westwood Village. Meeting at 9 am at Westwood Transitional Village north parking lot to clean the streets. Please wear long sleeve shirts and pants, eyewear and masks.

  • April 22, 2023, WVRC will be sponsoring a social event to Otto & Sons Nursey in Fillmore, California. You will view the beautiful gardens of the facility and have a picnic lunch onsite. Carpools are leaving at 10:30am and reservations are being taken VP Benjamin Fisher.

WVRC 2022/2023 Leadership Team

President: Chris Gaynor

President Elect: PP Steve Day

Vice President: Benjamin Fisher

Treasurer: Terry M. White

Youth/Vocational Service: Diane Good

Director/Peace: PP Marsha Hunt

Foundation: PP Steve Day

Global Scholarships: PP Chris Bradford

Webmaster: PP Ron Lyster

District Governor: Olivia Patterson Ryans

Immediate Past President: Nancy McCready

Secretary: PP Nancy McCready

Community Service: Aaron Donahue

International Service: Nevin Senkan

Director: PP Tom Barron

Membership: PP Mark Rogo

Director/Social Media: PP Aly Shoji

Windmill Editor: Teya McCockran