May 19th, 2022
Westwood Village Rotary Club

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Westwood Virtual Rotary Club Meeting for May 19th, 2022

The always entertaining PP Gordon Fell, our Host for the meeting, opened by speaking loudly at the crowd to take their seats at the Collins & Katz YMCA. Where the microphone was, no one seemed to know!! The meeting started with PP Steve Day leading us in the pledge followed by reciting the Four Way Test. PP Steve then told the everyone in attendance about PP Gordon Fell’s “Unsung Hero Award” given to him at the District Conference by DG Guity Javid!! Well, if ever there was a fine $$$ moment, this was it and PP Gordon recognized it as such and committed to $50.00. He then went on to fine PP Aly Shoji $10.00 because she arrived at the meeting a bit late and made an entrance only PP Aly can make!! We love you PP Aly!!

Since PP Steve was still at the podium and as WVRC’s Foundation Chair, it was agreed he would proceed forward by recognizing Terry M White with a 6 year and, Lynn Rogo with 1 year Paul Harris pins. Congratulations and thank you to Both!!  Finally sitting down, PP Gordon Fell once again took control of the meeting and introduced the guests: Andre Abrahaminion was Sunda’s guest and, Kristina Irwin and Carol Williams came as guests of PP Mark Rogo.

PP Chris Bradford, Global Scholarship Chair for District 5280 introduced Stephanie Corrigan, the 2023 District 5280 scholar who was sponsored by the WVRC. Stephanie received her undergraduate degree from USC, worked at the Milken institute for three years and now plans to obtain her master’s at a University in Paris, France.  She majored in cross cultural communications and digital media management and plans to use this to study about human rights and how to help those being trafficked as well as, refugees.

PP Diane next introduced her friend and colleague for the past ten years, Rima Simons, Rima is a licensed social worker with extensive clinical experience and training in rehabilitation, recovery and reintegration programs working with homeless VA Veterans dealing with a myriad of complex issues. Rima was born in Russia, moved to Poland, Israel, and then to Chicago all by the age of 9. After graduating from Northwestern, she moved to LA in 1978 where she had a prolific film and television career all while raising two sons. In 2007, she returned to school at USC where in 2010 she received her Master’s in Social Work.  But her appearance today at the WVRC was to tell us all about her, dance with cancer and, the story she wrote called, “Cancer Dancer”.  This is a story about faith, courage, hope, Superman and, believing God always has a plan and a path forward for you.

In 2020 right during the pandemic after nearly choking to death on a piece of meat lodged in her throat and having to have the Heimlich used on her by a complete “mask less” stranger, Rima was diagnosed with stage 4 abdominal peritoneal carcinoma, a form of stomach cancer. Having to go through 8 weeks of chemo and then surgery followed by 3 weeks of more chemo, Rima’s faith was severely tested (as anyone would be). Finding strength within herself and, from many unexpected sources (employees who gave their vacation days to Rima; childhood friends who came out from Chicago to help her during her treatments, and even a childhood “crush” who reunited with her) Rima, was able to find blessings while fighting this awful demon. While sitting at home after a few weeks of treatment Rima visualized herself getting better while realizing that the stranger who Heimlich her and now appeared to her outside her picture window throwing her tumors into outer space, was really an angel from heaven – a sign from God, that he still had plans for her on this earth. Thus, her decision not to get angry about her situation with cancer, but instead to welcome it, dance with it, and then be done with it.  So far, Rima has succeeded. She is cancer free - YEAH – and sharing her “Cancer Dancer” story with others facing similar circumstances!

We're sad to announce the passing of Bill Goodwyn this weekend. Bill will be missed by us all. He was a true Rotarian. Reminder that tomorrow is Sally Brant's Memorial Service at 11am at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills.

PP Diane

WVRC 2020/2021 Leadership Team
President: Nancy McCready
Treasurer: Terry M. White
Youth/Vocational Service: Phil Gabriel
Director/Peace: PP Marsha Hunt
Foundation: PP Steve Day
Global Scholarships: PP Chris Bradford
Webmaster: PP Ron Lyster
Director/Merchant Minute: PP Mark Rogo
District Governor: Bette Hall
Immediate Past President: Diane Good
Secretary: PP Diane Good
Community Service: Aaron Donahue
International Service: Nevin Senkan
Program Chair: PP Tom Barron
Membership: PP Mike Newman
Director/Social Media: PP Aly Shoji
Windmill Editor: P Nancy McCready
Assistant District Governor: Michael Lushing