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PP Dwight Heikkila

Windmill for Oct 27th, 2022

The latest Updates

Miss California also known as the Champion of Courage, Catherine Liang zoomed with the Club today and gave us insight into beauty pageants. She signed up for her first one at age 14 representing Sonoma County to overcome being intimidated by public speaking. It worked, she won and a few years later, decided it was the route she would take hoping to obtain scholarship money for college.

While attending USC, the Tubbs brushfire destroyed her family home. Soon after, she contracted Hashimoto disease which causes extreme fatigue and depression. Overcoming these obstacles took strength, faith and persistence which only made Catherine stronger. She went on to win the titles of Miss San Francisco-Chinatown and, Miss Los Angeles-Chinatown, and now, as Miss California in December she will represent California in the Miss America pageant.  Catherine is a classical pianist, she graduated USC Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA, is a Leadership Fellow Warren Bennis recipient and, was awarded a President’s Volunteer Service Medal. She is a Global Human Rights Activist and, she has her own skin care line!! She is amazing and, you should Google her to read more about her numerous accomplishments especially in helping those in need.

We wish Catherine the best of luck in the Miss American Pageant and all, future endeavors.

Thanks foes to PP Steve Day for leading the pledge; PP Steve Scherer for his prayer for peace in our world, peace in ourselves. We were also happy to welcome Henry Tseng's daughter, Linda Shaw as a guest to the meeting. 


  • Next week Amy Scruggs, a National County Music Recording Artist, TV & Radio personality, filmmaker, and best-selling author will be presenting to the Club at our in-person meeting at Guido's beginning at noon. 

  • Volunteers are needed every Wednesday from 1-2pm at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church to set up and take down instruments & music for Music Mends Minds 5th Dementia Revival Drum Circle. It is a fun program to attend and, one the WVRV supports.

  • Every Thursday from 8-11am at the Collins & Katz YMCA volunteers are needed to hand out food to those in need. Aaron Donahue appreciates all of you that participate! Thank you.

  • Foundation Celebration Tickets are now available to be purchased online and WVRC is looking for 100% participation.  Look for PP Steve Day’s emails on how to purchase a book and, save the date, Nov 20, 2022, from 1-6pm at Novo at LA Live for the Foundation Celebration. “The Soul of Rotary” concert.  It is also time to consider providing a silent auction item from the Club.  If you have an item or two to contribute to a basket (wine for instance), please bring it to Diane Good at her place of work by November 7th.

  • The Christmas Shopping Spree with homeless children will be in person this year on December 1, 2022, at 5:30pm. This is WVRC’s premier project of the year and always lots of fun.  If you are interested in participating, please contact PP Diane Good ( to get signed up.

WVRC 2022/2023 Leadership Team

President: Chris Gaynor

President Elect: PP Steve Day

Vice President: Benjamin Fisher

Treasurer: Terry M. White

Youth/Vocational Service: Diane Good

Director/Peace: PP Marsha Hunt

Foundation: PP Steve Day

Global Scholarships: PP Chris Bradford

Webmaster: PP Ron Lyster

District Governor: Olivia Patterson Ryans

Immediate Past President: Nancy McCready

Secretary: PP Nancy McCready

Community Service: Aaron Donahue

International Service: Nevin Senkan

Director: PP Tom Barron

Membership: PP Mark Rogo

Director/Social Media: PP Aly Shoji

Windmill Editor: Teya McCockran