June 2, 2018 - Issue 18-22

Good afternoon, 

Sailing has been a more or less constant inspiration to me, as I've related before

Jim Riviello, a coach I recently "met" on LinkedIn, just sent me an email outlining yet one more way sailing is a metaphor for business. (Check out Jim's Leadership University here). Following is an excerpt from that email:

Adjust the Sails

When the winds change, we must change.

How we  respond to adversity is far more important than the adversity itself.

We all have moments when, in spite of our best efforts, things don't go the way we want. You can complain about it, you can wait for things to get better, or you can get up off your butt and start doing something about it.

The truth is, the latter isn't always easy.

There is a tendency for the negative side of a situation to infiltrate our daily thoughts.

Before you know it, these negative tendencies have taken your ship off course.

But, here is the good news.

You can adjust the sail.

As a leader, you set the example for your crew. You have a responsibility to ignite change by implementing small adjustments to daily routines that help your team chip away at the results everyone desires.

Every small and seemingly insignificant adjustment you implement will compound itself over time if you stick with it-but you have to stick with it.

Make right now your turning point. I invite you to think about the set of your sail at this very moment. Is it steering you toward the destination you desire? If not, what small course adjustments can you make right now-this week?

You cannot change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust the sails. 

Need help?  Contact me! (NOTE: This link is to Jim, not me)

This is great advice for your own coaching business, and to repackage for your clients.

Have a great day!

John Stevens at Unity Copywriting

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