07 . 15 . 2021
"Brand new hazy IPA brewed exclusively for The Wine Source. Fresh Citra hops shine bright on this one, with Motueka and Belma contributing light tropical notes. Sweet, juicy body with an ultra-soft finish coming in at 7.0% abv."
"A blend of traditional English malts combined with loads of wheat and oats give this double IPA a soft, clean malt profile. We hop this beer intensely with Citra and Mosaic, imparting huge notes of tropical fruit, citrus and pine."
"Pale Yellow in color and slightly hazy, Wizard has a touch of bready tang from the wheat malt that complements the orange peel’s citrus note and coriander spice. This refreshing wheat ale is ideal for those seeking a drinkable yet full flavored beer."
"This titanic, tropical twist on our flagship finds our Wizard trading in his signature robe for board shorts and flip-flops, casting spells of puckering pineapple and silky smooth coconut."
"The quintessential beer for a tropical climate, our Single in Havana marries a clean and crisp blonde ale with tons of pink guava goodness. Finding the right balance between the fruit and the beer is key to its drinkability and this beer is not only brimming with tropical fruit but astoundingly remains dry and refreshing at the same time."
"Batch #100 on our brew system. Brewed with a hint of honey malt and oats. Hopped generously with Columbus, Amarillo, and Citra. The Columbus hops bring layers of resin and floral flavors."
"Let's get funky with a craft version of a Brass Monkey. We started with a smooth Pilsner and chilled it on fresh orange juice."
"Brewed with oranges, blood oranges, and limes, this milk sugar sour offers up plenty of pithy bright citrus tart while letting carrying the sip with a residual creamy sweetness. As advertised, this 5% ABV sour is ultimately as crushable as the summertime confection it’s named after!"
"Honeydew and cantaloupe notes derived from loral, zythos and ekuanot hops."
"This Friday, we're releasing KickFlipA Day, a special collab with our friends @crookedcrabbeer. Named after our head Brewer, Dave's kick flip a day streak that is now at 107 days. The two teams decided to brew a delicious 6.9% IPA using Centennial, Michigan Chinook and Cashmere, giving it notes of pineapple, melon and a hint of pine."
"Beat the heat! This traditional wheat beer pours a slightly hazy pale golden color with white foam. Yeast derived aromas of clove and banana are followed by notes of honeydew melon, pear, and subtle vanilla. Low bitterness coupled with a slight sweetness and a touch of acidity bring balance to this highly drinkable, effervescent Bavarian-style ale."
"Tropic Like It’s Hot is a Sour Ale with Blueberry, Passionfruit, Pineapple, and HIbiscus. It delivers an uplifting aroma of fresh tropical fruits with a tart, dry finish that will keep you cool and refreshed this summer! Brewed in collaboration with Virginia Pride"
"Silver Branch and Right Proper brewers pooled their collective brainpower and experience and came to an important conclusion: sometimes LESS is MORE! We brewed the Edge of Time with jasmine rice and a restrained amount of Huell Melon hops to be super light, super crisp, and super satisfying."
"Whether pool, bay, ocean, or river, it’s the season to enjoy some time on the water! LupoMax Amarillo, Zamba, and Mosaic Incognito bring you a super smooth and super fruity IPA for your summertime enjoyment. With this beer in hand, it’s sure to go swimmingly!"
"It’s a brewer’s wonderland! Taking obvious inspiration from British author Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this classic ESB brewed with prized heirloom Maris Otter malt, as well as Target and Willamette hops will make you smile from ear to ear! Enter the rabbit hole and enjoy your own wondrous adventure!"
"The aroma carries light citrus fruit and soft honeydew melon. The flavor is a mix of apricot and stone fruit combined with a soft mouthfeel."
"DUH-NUH-NUH-NUH-NUH-NUH-NUH-NUH, Kölschman! Here to rescue Cushwa beer drinkers from their need for a beer that is low in ABV and high in drinkability is Kölschman. Brewed traditionally to the German style, this beer pours straw yellow in color, with a bright clearness to it. The flavor is crisp and refined, while also still being balanced out with enough German hop characteristics and bitterness to leave you wanting more sips."
"Mmmmm a *new* DIPA. Mostly M’s is a mouthful. Idaho7, Mosaic & Motueka mingle masterfully to manifest a magnificently multidimensional malt. Mosey on into the weekend with a 4-pack (or maaaybe three??) of this heavy hitter."
"IPA dry-hopped with Idaho-7, Galaxy, and Citra."
"The tectonic plates have shifted, letting forth an eruption of gushing blackberries and blueberries. Each burst filled with milk sugar & vanilla for creamsicle smoothness. A freshly canned sour ale with explosively delicious flavor."
"As you all know this is one of our OGs. This beer is karate chopped (aka dry hopped heavily) with Mosaic, Galaxy, & Amarillo. The result is a ninja star in the form of a beer or mango juice! Drink this beer fresh or we may nunchuck your a$$. Can you hear that? Chuck Norris may sneak up on you!"
"Double Dry Hopped Space Diamonds Imperial IPA takes Space Diamonds, our all Galaxy IIPA and crushes it with another massive dose of Galaxy hops."
"Big and decadent like a triple seafood tower, this triple IPA is hopped aggressively with Galaxy, Motueka and Idaho 7."
"This batch is an all Pacific NW hop affair with Citra, Mosaic, and Idaho 7. Lychee, orange, berries, tropical fruit and pineapple."
"Brewed with wheat flakes, Pilsen Malt, Galaxy, Motueka and Vic Secret"
"El Dorado and Vic Secret hops, boasting radiant notes of berry blast and bright citrus, with that signature Aussie dankness."
"West-Coast style IPA dry hopped with Amarillo and Simcoe, with a splash of pineapple. Tropical and citrus forward with a resiny finish."
"Bumbleberry Jam is a kettle-soured ale brewed with milk sugar and fermented with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. All the berries in your summer berry patch mixed together for a delicious treat."
"Sweet and exotic passion fruit pairs with juicy peach for a beer that screams summer! Sour & hops in perfect, thirst quenching harmony!"
"Berliner Weiss Style Ale with Pineapple Puree, Dragonfruit, Agave Nectar and Vic Secret Hops"
"Smoothie-style sour ale with red dragon fruit puree and passionfruit."
"Smoothie-style Sour Ale with watermelon and strawberry"
"Triple India Pale Ale hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Motueka Hops"
"Somewhere between beer and wine, the flavors found in this beer blur the lines. BLURRED with Barbera Grapes utilizes whole cluster grapes from our friends at Heringer Estates in Northern California. While the Barbera grapes highlight notes of blackberry, red mulberry, and cacao, the mixed fermentation beer provides a soft canvas of citrus and mellow ripe pear."
"BLURRED with Pinot Noir Grapes utilizes whole cluster grapes from our friends at Heringer Estates in Northern California. While the Pinot Noir grapes highlight notes of strawberry, cherry, and hibiscus, the mixed fermentation beer provides a backbone of citrus and mellow ripe pear. BLURRED with Pinot Noir is our interpretation of a cohesive fusion between beer and wine."
Harpoon Summer League
variety pack featuring
"This label, which depicts Josh Baggett shredding a guitar in outer space as he pedals a pink training-wheeled bicycle while baby unicorns are born in his wake and the monkey on his back juggles guavas and his crown, fairly represents Josh's rigorous path promoting craft beer to TX. Josh, we love you man! Brewed with fresh guava puree, with Mosaic hops."
"Untitled Art's first 'official' pastry seltzer & we did it with our ole time friends in Iowa Pulpit Rock. Imperial Seltzer brewed with strawberry concentrate, strawberry purée, and vanilla beans."
"Hard Seltzer with blue raspberry flavoring."
"Imperial Seltzer brewed with Pineapple Puree, Cream of Coconut, Orange Juice Concentrate, Nutmeg, Cinnamon"
Drew's Pick
"Table-strength Saison brewed with an insane amount of spelt malt & raw wheat for the creamiest body a 4% abv beer can offer. Heavily dry-hopped w/ Pacific Jade at a staggering rate of 3lb/bbl for bright citrus notes that meld perfectly with the stone fruit, banana and bubblegum aromas & flavors derived from our house saison yeast."

Jed's Pick
"Brand new hazy IPA brewed exclusively for The Wine Source. Fresh Citra hops shine bright on this one, with Motueka and Belma contributing light tropical notes. Sweet, juicy body with an ultra-soft finish coming in at 7.0% abv."
Matt's Pick
"Sour ale with lemon, milk sugar, cinnamon, graham crackers, and Madagascar vanilla."

Patrick's Pick
"We hosted our buds from RAR this time to continue our collab between beer and the reefer. We hit it hard with Strata, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 for deep pungent vibes and then added terpenes from Gelato, one of our favorite strains. Danker than dank with huge notes of sweet berries, bright tropical fruit, sun tea, and the way it smells close to the stage at your favorite festival."
Paul's Pick
"In a world where hops have overtaken the Earth and humans across the planet have been forced to drink candy-based beer by their Craft Beer overlords...one Monster has set out to save the universe. From the distant planet of Germania-II, the brave Thirst Monster has been traveling the universe in search of epic thirsts to quench. His weapon of choice? The Kölsch - a crisp, refreshing, and easy-drinking German-style ale. Light on its feet with subtley sweet crackery malts and a light sprinkling of herbal and spicy hops - it's a beer that can take on even the mightiest of thirsts. Will Thirst Monster and his Kölsch arrive in time to save Earth from its own demise? Or will Craft Beer enslave the human race with hops and marshmallows?"
Phil's Pick
"In honor of long, hot summer days, we decided to brew a much smaller version of Cush. We used the same ingredients with a few recipe tweaks to balance the low ABV and still maintain body and flavor." 

Will's Pick
"Old-school resiny dankness is front & center with just a touch of granola-like malt notes. A mild bitterness lingers on the palate that continuously draws you in for another sip. Hopped with Ekuanot, Moutere, Zamba and Melba." 


Paul Gresko
The Wine Source