07 . 22 . 2021
"Brand new hazy IPA brewed exclusively for The Wine Source. Fresh Citra hops shine bright on this one, with Motueka and Belma contributing light tropical notes. Sweet, juicy body with an ultra-soft finish coming in at 7.0% abv."
"Light floral notes, all the red fruits, light lemon citrus, and a grape skin tannin work in tandem to bring you to your liquid oasis."
"A crisp and clean West Coast IPA with passionfruit, orange, and guava for a flash of fresh fruit."
"An easy-drinking West Coast IPA with tropical fruit notes up front and a classic crisp and bitter finish. While your neighbors play ping pong and corn hole, apricot and pine play in the background of this balanced brew. This IPA is the perfect accompaniment for all your favorite Remington activities: porch hangs, dumpster days, and neighborhood association meetings. Super-crushable, if you promise to recycle. A portion of proceeds benefit the Greater Remington Improvement Association."
"Brewed in collaboration with Nepenthe Brewing out of Baltimore, this hazy IPA features Citra, Simcoe, Julius, Citra and Mosaic Incognito hops, and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans. Sporting an oat and wheat heavy body this hazy strikes the perfect balance of bright and sweet!"
"For this new DIPA, we decided to take one of our favorite hops here for a spin, and let it shine all by itself. That’s right, an all Motueka Double IPA coming directly at you. The aroma is a big whirlwind of tropical lime. On the flavor end, it follows suit with a refreshing zest balanced out by other tropical flavors. Rounded out with a low bitterness, and a soft mouthfeel, you’re going to want to keep reaching for this one."
"Hazy, hoppy & tropical. Hopped excessively with fruity Simcoe, Rakau, & NZH-107 that combine with our full-bodied English ale yeast for a flavor profile bursting with bright citrus, stone fruit, and passion fruit. Don't get bit!"
"Citra, Motueka, Sabro, Vic Secret & milk sugar."
"Sour Ale brewed with Dragon Fruit, Peach, Pineapple, Passion fruit."
"Doublin’ down on the collabos! We squashed a buncha strawberries with our friends @levantebrewing & then added some fluffy marshmallows in the interest of cultivating this fresh new IPA.
Smashin’ Berries is a sweet crisp treat, more than ready for some summer sips."
"Double IPA with Nelson, Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic"
"Extra Dry Hopped with Mosaic"
"A simple, classic American IPA brewed with the perfect balance of malt and subtly citrusy hops. Hops: Magnum, Amarillo & Citra "
"This juicy hazy IPA has peaches and nectarine on the nose that follow to the palate with flavors of lychee, pear and melon. Moderately carbonated for a soft finish."
"Fresh As! This IPA is fresh and bright. Fruit and tropical juice notes on the nose that follow to the palate with white grape, citrus, passion fruit, and pine flavors. Moderate carbonation leads to a lush finish."
"Our Gose was brewed with pink Himalayan sea salt & infused with raspberries giving it a refreshing tart finish."
"Kettle Sour Ale with Pineapple, Banana, Key Lime, Coconut, and Vanilla."
"Orange, mandarin, tangerine, etc. have been staples in the fruit world for eons. But when we sampled a new source for mandarin, we were blown away. We immediately bought 3 drums and made a colada with our perfected Schmoo pineapple coconut blend."
"Our latest Puffsicle features a beach day triplet of fruits and our triple sourced marshmallow treatment. Melt your face in the sun, hydrate, repeat."
"Super rich and ripe strawberries, a gentle orange punch and the perfect amount of lime. Schmoojee Reetas are perfect for the summer"
"Kung Fujee is our Schmoojee collab with Spokane, WA’s Kung Fu Beverage, one of the country’s leading destinations for craft beer. Kung Fujee blends yuzu, pineapple, coconut and ice cream for a silky smooth and thick creamsicle beer."
"DDH Stamped is brewed with a hefty amount of malted oats and malted and flaked wheat, giving the structure for a double dry hop of Citra Cryo, Azacca, Motueka, Meridian and Centennial hops. Huge notes of mandarin, mangoes and dangst."
"Oatology is our rich yet thirst quenching oatmeal stout series, brewed with a combination of flaked and malted oats and a simple yet comprehensive list of British specialty malts. For this version, we conditioned it upon an even mix of Madagascar, Tahitian and Mexican vanilla beans. We canned this on nitro, for a full bodied, cascading stout experience"
"This Secret Machine is like drinking a freshly squeezed citrus punch."
"Our newest NEIPA, Time Warp will have you held in the suspension of time. Citrusy aromatics followed by bursts of melon on the palate, ending your experience with an enjoyable, crisp finish."
"Clocking in at 6.5%, you'll be overcome with a soft, slightly sugary aroma. Kind of like your grandma's kitchen when she's making Rice Krispie treats. Once you delve into this juicy jungle, that marshmallow aroma carries right into the first sip followed by bursting blueberry. The sweet, tart paradox of this fruit sends you into a juicy azure heaven. Intertwined in this incredible madness are notes of gentle strawberry."
"Sour NEIPA clocking in at 7.3%. Vibrant notes of strawberry fill your palate followed by soft vanilla & sweet coconut. *Contains lactose*"
"Lactose free milkshake NEIPA that pours a creamy, pineapple yellow and tastes like the hazy juice slowly dripping off of a melting pineapple creamsicle. Extra soft mouthfeel gives this beer a surprisingly smooth finish for a double. DDH with Galaxy and Citra."
"NEIPA DDH with Nectaron and Mosaic. Bursting with tropical passionfruit and citrus aromas, you will surely pass the vibe check after sipping on this brew. Looking good, feeling better, Fresh Vibes."
"This double-dry-hopped DIPA was conditioned on Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops to produce a complex, well-rounded hop character with hints of grapefruit, tangerine, and pine. Traditional Norwegian kveik yeast from a farm in northern Norway contribute complex aromas of orange peel, peach, and white pepper, which combine with rich brown sugar and honey to balance this moderately bitter farmhouse-style ale."
"This brand new DIPA made with Citra, Azacca, and Cashmere hops delivers tastes of pineapple, tangerine, and mango so vibrant you may forget you aren't relaxing on a tropical island."
"Fruit kettled sour with cranberries and lime peel"
"Our Mexican lager takes cues from modern Mexican pale lager, but we’ve haven’t added things like lime. Expect a drying, clean, and biscuity malt presence with just enough hop character to provide a proper balance of flavor."
"A Belgian wheat beer brewed with a touch of rye and a massive addition (over 1,000 lbs. per 40-barrel batch) of plump, ripe blackberries grown by Agriberry in Hanover County, Hardywood Virginia Blackberry offers an assertive fruit character while remaining extremely refreshing. Ruby hued with the bright aroma of fresh bramble berries, this beer’s pleasantly gentle body leads to a rather dry, rounded fruit finish, making it irresistible on a hot summer day."
"A West Coast Style IPA brewed with Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Equinox, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops."
"Cryosphere IPA packs in huge amounts of hop flavor and aroma while minimizing bitterness. We achieve this by using a state-of-the-art hop product called Cryo Hops in both the brewing and dry hopping of this beer. By highlighting the unique cryogenic process, we expose the best attributes of what these hops have to offer."
Craig's Pick
"Our fruited berliner series gets big doses of strawberry and banana puree. A bit like a banana smoothie but no lactose."

Drew's Pick
"IPA dry-hopped with Idaho-7, Galaxy, and Citra."

Jed's Pick
"A blend of Belgian Kriek Ale and American Wild Ale. An unlikely alliance of freshness and funk, this Blenderie Ommegang release combines pure Belgian kriek with barrel-aged American wild ale. Bright cherries, assertive sourness, oaky tannins and barnyard notes make Super Kriek a deeply layered, richly complex, and distinctive beer."
Matt's Pick
"This one’s fiendishly simple. Pilsner and a bit of Munich form the base. Hallertau to bitter and a healthy dose of German Callista in the fiery cauldron of the whirlpool. Left to lager agonizingly for weeks in the burning cold of its stainless prison. Bright and clear, with hints of stonefruit and toast in the nose, a complex bready character, and a perfectly crisp, clean finish. Bathe in the shining glory of eternal flame."

Patrick's Pick
"We took one of our favorite DIPA's we make and decided to play with it a little bit by adding an in-house favorite hop, Motueka. This beer allows the Motueka to shine and showcase its profile, adding a nice lemon-lime characteristic to the aroma and flavor. This beer is smooth and creamy, with an abv that drinks deceptively low."
Paul's Pick
"This delicious ESB is inspired by some of the best beers Silver Branch co-owners Brett Robison and Christian Layke (seen here expertly pouring a nitro can) have experienced in Britain. A cornerstone of British beer, drinking a well-executed ESB in a pub is, in a single word, fantastic. We hope to this excellent example of the style transports you to the British Isles! "
Phil's Pick
"A dry, gose style cider made with prickly pear, lime juice, naranjilla, and sea salt. Made in collaboration with and to raise money for The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative" 

Will's Pick
"The Oude Groseille à Maquereau Verte Tilquin à l'Ancienne is a spontaneous fermentation beer obtained from the fermentation of frozen green gooseberries in young lambics, blended with 1, 2 and 3 years lambic to reach a final concentration of fruits of 260 grams per liter. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, this beer is refermented in the bottle. Ingredients: water, malt, wheat, hops, gooseberries." 


Paul Gresko
The Wine Source