5 . 25 . 2023

Great Notion - Over Ripe

"Over Ripe is a tropical hazy IPA brewed with a unique blend of hops. This beer is saturated with flavors of over ripe fruit like cantaloupe, guava, pineapple and papaya."


Great Notion - Seedless

"Seedless is a tart and refreshing Gose with watermelon and dragonfruit."


Great Notion - Oggy

"Oggy started as a beer just for Seattle, but we had to spread the love around.This classic NW hazy IPA is dry-hopped with Citra and Galaxy."


Great Notion - Love & Ritual

"This beer is a reminder of what we love about beer. Our brewing process is guided by ritual and dedication to our craft. Hopped full of love with Nelson Sauvin, Citra & Sabro."


450 North - SLUSHY XXL Digger Dugger

"Digger Dugger XXL is Blackberry Dirt Pudding Parfait Slushy conditioned on Blackberry, Marshmallow, Oreos, Graham Crackers, Gream Cheese & vanilla Ice Cream."


450 North - Tetris Nuggets

"Tetris Nuggets is hopped with Mosaic, Galaxy & Mosaic Incognito."


450 North - SLUSHY XL Chomp!

"Chomp! XL is conditioned on Cherry, Orange, Watermelon, Strawberry & Apple."


450 North - SLUSHY XXXL High Score

"High Score XXXL is conditioned on Peach, Orange, Starfruit, Mango, Lemonade & Passionfruit."


Dewey - Secret Machine: Mango Strawberry Lemon

"Freshly sliced mangos and strawberries blended with lemon ice to keep this secret machine extra refreshing in the summer heat."


Dewey - Celestial Jungle

"Extra Hazy DIPA with aromas of pine and freshly sliced stone fruits. Brewed With Citra, Citra Cryo, Nelson & Mosaic Hops"


Dewey - Moelleux Au Chocolat

"Endless layers of rich milk chocolate topped with dutch cocoa."


Other Half - All Citra Everything

"Our standard All Citra Everything double dry hopped with an extra dose of Citra lupulin powder."


Other Half - Green Flowers West Coast IPA

"Our West Coast IPA brewed with a balanced bitterness and a blend of our favorite classic IPA hops and new school ones all grown in the Pacific NW. Brewed with 100% malted barley and hopped with Citra, Amarillo Cryo, Idaho 7 and Strata. Candied pineapple, sweet orange, tropical fruit and some dank creamy notes from the Strata."


Wico Street - Sick Ride

"Fruited Sour DIPA brewed with milk sugar, dry hopped with Rakau & Mosaic Incognito and conditioned on mango, toasted coconut, and vanilla beans"


Wico Street - Drama Queen

"Fruited Sour IPA brewed with milk sugar, dry hopped with Strata & Barbe Rouge and conditioned on strawberries and vanilla beans"


South County - Liminal Moment

"A dense East Coast style double IPA. Tropical fruit aroma and Flavor with a hint of piney, citrus and dank notes, balanced bitterness, smooth rounded body and mouth-feel. Hopped at over 3 lbs per barrel."


South County - Peace Maker

"In a world full of chaos we all need some Peace. Smooth, creamy and layered with flavors and aromas of sweet ripe peach, pithy mango and mandarin orange."


South County - Stellar Phase

"Cosmic Nod’s party animal cousin.

Soft and lush, mango, melon, cantaloupe, papaya with a touch of green pepper tang."


South County - 851 Helles

"Traditional Helles style lager, rich honey malt notes with a crisp finishing snap and a touch of bitterness to ground it. Prost!"


Aslin - Hawaiin Lush

"Hawaiian Lush is an India Pale Ale with vanilla, toasted coconut, pineapple, and lime!"


Aslin - Dead Inside

"An insanely crushable golden-hued IPA. It's dry-hopped with Citra & Sabro giving it huge notes of tropical fruit and citrus with a slight coconut vibe. Scary smooth and ready for sippin'."


Commonwealth - Issa Vibe

"Smoothie Gose with Passionfruit, Mango, Pineapple, Tangerine, Clove, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon"


Commonwealth - Paisley Grove

"Fruited Gose with Grapefruit & Rosemary"


Commonwealth - Electric Relaxation

"Collaboration with Burley Oak DIPA with Cryo Pop and Strata"


Commonwealth - A Tribe Called Zest

"Sour IPA with Tangerine, Lemon, Blood Orange & Grapefruit Zest"


Commonwealth - Between Sets

"Easy drinking post surf pick me up with a clean crisp taste. This brew will slide down dangerously easy after a day in the waves"


Black Flag - Crypt Raven

"Featuring Citra, Cashmere, and Galaxy hops, this 7% ABV hazy has soft citrus, peach, and stone fruit notes that blend expertly with the bright hop build before the flaked oats bury you in a cloud of haze."


Black Flag - All The Small Things

"Our first American Pale Ale in years! Coming in at 5.1% ABV and featuring Simcoe, Strata, and Citra hops this crisp and subtly berry dank refresher brings a lot to the fold for a summer crusher. Releasing just in time for Blink-182’s show at Baltimore Arena!"


Union - Double Duckpin

"When we first brewed Duckpin, our little session-style pale ale, it really hit the spot for a go-to, anytime refresher. But we soon felt like we were just practicing. Knocking down all those little Duckpins just made us thirsty for something bigger! So we went back to the brewhouse and doubled down on malts and hops. The result is a double IPA that’s danker than a rental shoe and rolling with ten frames of juicy, resinous hops down a solid lane of malted barley and wheat. When it’s time to bring you’re A game, reach for a Double."


Equilibrium - Origami Paper Airplanes

"Origami Paper Planes our new collaboration with Barreled Souls. It speaks to a collaborative love of aeronautics, air bending, differential pressures, and folding a creation together and watching ideas take flight. This beer uses large amounts of oats with massive doses of Enigma, Mosaic, and Columbus. Origami Paper Planes pours a saturated yellow with aromas of cannabis, earth, lime, papaya, and fresh cut grass and saturated flavors of candied orange, cantaloupe, mango juice, sticky icky, white grape, berry, and earthy pine wrapped up in a resinous #EQjuice finish. A few sips will have you taking flight!"


Burnish - One Trick Pony: Gummy Worms

"Who doesn't love gummy worms?! This delightfully bright and fruity sour ale delivers a gummy punch of fun!"


Burnish - One Trick Pony: Pina Colada

"Another entry in our fruited sour series! Pineappley coconut wonderfulness!"


Ever Grain - Minced Oath

"A flavorful NEDIPA featuring some very new and very fun hop varieties with extremely low bitterness. This beer pours a hazy golden color with a frothy white head, releasing intense hop aromas of tangerine daydream, cloudberry tarts, mango sherbet and lychee martinis."


Nepenthe - Silent Curse

"We reached beyond the veil with our friends from Astro Lab Brewing. Conjured from a base of 2-row, rye, spelt, and oats. Brought shrieking onto this plane with hefty doses of Phantasm powder in the mash and whirlpool, then bound with huge additions of Riwaka, Nectaron, Motueka, and a touch of Vic Secret. Double-dry-hopped with more of the same, then fermented on Omega's Cosmic Punch. Deep notes of white wine grape, lush tropical fruit, complex pine, and the screams of the damned."


DuClaw - Sour Me: Unicorn Farts

"This glittered sour ale with fruity cereal mashed in, brings slightly tart sour, a bouquet of fruits & a hint of biscuit. A collaboration between DuClaw Brewing Co. and Diablo Doughnuts."


Monument City - Key Lime Pie

"Our collaboration with Dangerously Delicious Pies Canton hits local craft retailers today. Don’t miss out on this limited release 5.4% Key Lime Pie Sour Ale. It’s a Deliciously perfect combination of sweet and tart. Made with key limes, vanilla, a touch of cinnamon and lactose."


Evolution - Fuzzy Juice

"Fuzzy Juice is a delicious Hazy Peach Double IPA!"


Callie's Pick

You may have seen Callie in the Wine department and Gourmet department, but this renaissance woman is also extremely knowledgeable about the world of Beer!

Wico Street - El Steezo

"Mexican lager with lime, zest, salt and chili ancho"


Drew's Pick

Sapwood Cellars - Boy, Have You Lost Your Mind?

"This DIPA was brewed in collaboration with John, one of our favorite longtime customers, for his 50th Birthday! He smelled and selected hops to make one of the Sapwood-iest DIPAs ever with expressive tropical aromatics from two newer varieties (HBC 586 and Zappa), rounded out by citrusy notes from one of our long-time favorites (Citra Cryo)! We stuck with our standard oat-wheat heavy base and house English strain for a creamy backdrop!"


Jed's Pick

Nepenthe - Prototype W36

"This west coast IPA is a neighborhood collab with our pals from the Wine Source right here in Hampden! Rocketing down the Avenue on paws of 2-row, Munich, Victory, and Melanoidin, we hopped it intensely with Mosaic Incognito, CTZ, Chinook, Triumph, Amarillo, and Simcoe Cryo and pellets. Deep orange-red in hue with a complex nose of spicy malt, peach, vulpine citrus, and dank, resinous greenery. A classic west coast bitterness that cuts through the body."


Matt S's Pick

Jack's Abby - Chill Haze

"It's time to blaze a hoppy new trail in lager land. We broke a few rules and tried some new tricks to create this slightly hazy, super tropical hoppy lager."


Matt T's Pick

Oskar Blues - Dale's Pale Ale

"This voluminously hopped mutha delivers a hoppy nose and assertive-but-balanced flavors of pale malts and citrusy floral hops from start to finish. Oskar Blues launched its canning ops in 2002, brewing and hand-canning Dale’s Pale Ale in the Lyons, Colorado, brewpub. America’s first-craft-canned mountain pale is a hearty, critically acclaimed trailblazer that changed the way craft beer fiends perceive portable beer"


Paul's Pick

Brasserie Dupont - Saison Dupont

"Saison Dupont is a world classic beer and the yardstick for one of Belgium’s most important beer styles. It is the most admired AND imitated Saison in the world. A strong, vital yeast is key to full attenuation and thus to the style. Saison Dupont is straw colored with a dense creamy head. The nose is alive, like fresh raised bread, estery with citrus and spice notes. Full-bodied and malty, it sparkles on the palate and finishes with a zesty hop and citrus attack. Incredibly compatible with food!"


Phil's Pick

Lone River - Ranch Water

"A Legend Born in Far West Texas"


Will's Pick

Von Trapp - Bavarian Pilsner

"Our version of a Bavarian Style Pils showcases the high-quality ingredients we used to create our lagers. Choice malts imported from Bamberg build the smooth lager character and accentuates the noble hops of the Hallertau region. The hops provide light floral and subtle bittering notes, allowing the malt to shine through."



Paul Gresko
The Wine Source