Volume 32 | December 1, 2020
The World Awaits...
Can you ever have enough Dr. Seuss in your life? We think not. "Oh, the Places You'll Go" is an enjoyable classic that resonates more than ever right now.

One of the most wonderful aspects of being in the meetings industry is traveling to new locations, meeting wonderful people and experiencing local culture as we create experiences for our clients.

We can't wait to get out on the road again to places near and far, but in the meantime, we'll settle for some armchair travel to take us away, even virtually.
Pretend You're in Paris Tonight

There are countless ways to invite Paris into your home. All you need is a little creativity. And perhaps a glass of Champagne. Empty embankment on the Seine during a Covid-19 lockdown in Paris on April. Credit... Dmitry Kostyukov for The New...

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Augmented Armchair Travel

Using the world's first augmented reality guides, the Sherpa Tours app offers in-depth city tours from wherever you are. Rose Dykins reports Armchair travel has been a major trend for 2020, with online offerings such as Airbnb Experiences and...

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Fuel Your Wanderlust

"As we await new treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19, I suspect that anyone reading this introduction shares my belief that travel in the months ahead will be more select and more appreciated than ever before, once...

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Tips From Wings Event Engineers
DON’T Treat your sessions like an everyday video meeting.
DO Make the content and the speaker visually exciting. 

DON’T Assume your speakers technology is sufficient.
DO Conduct tech checks and have each speaker perform internet speed tests prior to recording and/or live broadcasting. Rehearse and rehearse again.

DON’T ‘Wing It’…unless that means you’re hiring a Wings Event EngineerTM to support you and your team.
DO Create a run of show. Even though there are less lights, microphones and cameras doesn’t mean that there are less cues to be put on paper. In a virtual event, your team is not sitting at the same tech table at the back of the room, therefore detailed documentation is more important than ever!
Wings Knows Virtual...
We're Ready, Are You?

Proper planning and a detailed strategy are important keys to success. Wings will make planning large and small virtual and even hybrid events simple…let us show you how.
Enjoy the warm glow of candle light.
If you're ready to host a creative well thought-out private event, milestone celebration or special occasion, let our talented Event Engineers make things easy.
A cozy, stylish holiday look made easy, what could be better? Check out our website...great gatherings start here!
Delivering Wows!
Wings Event Engineers comb the desert to find just the right gifts to convey your sentiments, all while staying within your budget. We carefully curate the selections in each gift to create a unique unboxing experience that weaves a story that is sure to surprise and delight.
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