Volume 40 | January 26, 2021
The Best of Both Worlds
Historically, when something was called hybrid, it signaled the birth of some wonderful or wacky combination from the scientist's lab. Now out of the lab and into our homes, many today have become a "social scientist" while living hybrid with virtual and in person days for work and school.  

As we look forward, we see this hybrid scenario in the meetings industry. Combining the best of virtual and in person gatherings for a hybrid program extends learning and provides a platform for a larger audience with broader engagement. 

So like an elephant with butterfly wings signaling a new beginning, we're ready to embrace the best of both worlds "hybrid-style" in meetings and events!
How to Create a Meaningful Hybrid Event in 2021

Although COVID-19 vaccines are being deployed throughout the U.S., business event planners are anticipating the continuation of virtual meetings in 2021 and dipping their toes into part virtual, part in-person hybrid events. While people are...

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Hybrid Meeting Genius | Smart Meetings

Hybrid meetings combine the best elements of in-person and virtual events. And they've really made a come back during the pandemic. With staggering differences in state reopening policies, travel risk and remote work on the rise, hybrid events...

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Venues Are Getting Ready for Hybrid Meetings

Getting people to travel to an event was never as easy as picking a pretty destination - but until the spring of 2020 it sure helped. Now, planners and venue managers must be equally concerned with the experience they...

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Wings Knows Virtual & Hybrid...Let's Go!

Proper planning and a detailed strategy are important keys to success. Wings will make planning large and small virtual and even hybrid events simple…let us show you how.
Snuggle Up! Gather around the table for a cozy micro-event.
If you're ready to host a creative well thought-out private event, milestone celebration or special occasion, let our talented Event Engineers make things easy. 
Check out our website...great gatherings start here!
Delivering Wows!
Wings Event Engineers find just the right gifts to convey your sentiments within your budget. We carefully curate the selections in each gift to create a unique unboxing experience that is sure to surprise and delight for all that receive.
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