Volume 33 | December 8, 2020
2021 The Year of Travel?
2021 is the year of the Ox according to the Chinese Zodiac. The Ox is a symbol of honesty, positivity, determination and strength. We’d like to add to these descriptors and make it a year of positivity, determination, strength AND a year of curiosity.

After staying put this past year with so much time to ponder, we're excited to pack our bags and head off into the wild blue yonder! With tempting and highly flexible booking terms, many of us are locking in some truly amazing adventures in 2021.
Destinations on the rise for 2021 and Beyond...

The world is full of wonders-even if they're hard to reach. While the pandemic has brought our journeys to a standstill, it has not quieted our curiosity. Ahead of a new year-with the promise of a return to travel-we are eager to share these 25...

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Oprah-Backed Healthcare Company...

Any hotel company can roll out a heightened cleaning protocol in response to the pandemic - and most did. However, it isn't always clear what properties are effectively combatting the risk of virus and which are merely putting on what some label...

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Bucket List Travel is Being Booked...

For global travelers accustomed to exploring the planet in high style, 2020 has presented unprecedented barriers. International travel has ground to a halt, various countries have completely shut off to visitors, and entire tourism sectors have...

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Marketing & Communication
Tips From Wings Event Engineers
DON’T Forget to plan for marketing opportunities throughout your entire event life cycle.
DO Create a thorough marketing plan using multiple communication outlets (i.e. email, social media, platform) for pre, during and post event that speaks to all stakeholders and audiences.

DON’T  Use housekeeping notes as your only in platform messaging.
DO Create a detailed communication plan for real-time announcements and messaging.

DON’T Assume there will be no blips or hiccups during a virtual meeting.
DO  Create a contingency plan and prepare messaging for when the unexpected happens.

DON’T Forget to brand, market and push out your event on social media. 
DO  Generate a buzz and that fear of missing out (FOMO).
Wings Knows Virtual...
We're Ready, Are You?

Proper planning and a detailed strategy are important keys to success. Wings will make planning large and small virtual and even hybrid events simple…let us show you how.
Enjoy the warm glow of candle light.
If you're ready to host a creative well thought-out private event, milestone celebration or special occasion, let our talented Event Engineers make things easy.
A cozy, stylish holiday look made easy, what could be better? Check out our website...great gatherings start here!
Delivering Wows!
Wings Event Engineers comb the desert to find just the right gifts to convey your sentiments, all while staying within your budget. We carefully curate the selections in each gift to create a unique unboxing experience that weaves a story that is sure to surprise and delight.
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