Volume 34 | December 15, 2020
The New Fine Print
Clauses for Contracts in 2021
The devil is in the detail and yes, that holds true for hotel and venue contracts. As we begin to consider meetings in 2021, it’s a great time to wade through all the 'legalese' in your standardized contract clauses. What language still works, what needs a revisit, and what new verbiage should be incorporated to make your contracts ironclad.   
Is it time to consider rewording the Force Majeure clause with clear instructions as to when this can be put into play? Do you need a Frustration of Purpose clause? What about language that covers service levels and safety protocols? Read on to learn more about the "New Fine Print" for 2021.
Strengthening 2021 Hotel Contracts

Meeting professionals still are cancelling and rescheduling events as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to play out, and they have often relied on their force majeure clauses to try to limit liability. To many planners' surprise, however,...

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Sample Hotel Clauses for Getting Back to Business

Meeting planners and hoteliers are eager to get back to work and they're both looking to mitigate their risks in doing so. Following are sample clauses, shared by planners, that address some of the new challenges faced by both sides: The...

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Acing the Post-COVID Contract | Smart Meetings

If there's one thing coronavirus has done, it's shone a spotlight on the importance of having a rock-solid contract to protect you from legal action. Before the coronavirus, many venue contracts didn't feature force majeure clauses, and too many...

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Attendee Experience
Tips From Wings Event Engineers
DON’T Expect 100% attendance.
DO Plan for at least a 30% attrition of those that are registered. Our Event EngineersTM recommend keeping registration open to let potential attendance exceed your goal to make up for the inevitable event-day drop. 

DON’T Let your attendees get ‘Zoom fatigue’. 
DO Create engagement opportunities utilizing the gamification, polling and other interactive tools offered by the platform.

DON’T Assume every attendee has attended a digital event before or that attendees know how to navigate the platform or virtual environment. 
DO Leave enough time for attendees to get acquainted with the platform before the event is live. Create logical and intuitive navigation guides and take time to fully prep your Help Desk staff. 
Wings Knows Virtual...
Let Us Help You in 2021

Proper planning and a detailed strategy are important keys to success. Wings will make planning large and small virtual and even hybrid events simple…let us show you how.
The glow of the menorah shines bright.
If you're ready to host a creative well thought-out private event, milestone celebration or special occasion, let our talented Event Engineers make things easy.
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Delivering Wows!
Wings Event Engineers find just the right gifts to convey your sentiments, all while staying within your budget. We carefully curate the selections in each gift to create a unique unboxing experience that weaves a story that is sure to surprise and delight.
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