Volume 30 | November 17, 2020
Seeing is Believing
If you are of a certain age, you remember that great song Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles from 1979. If you don't, its a good one, google it and listen up. You missed some great music from the 80's. Just sayin'.

2020 is the year for being camera ready, so don't be that "radio star". The time has come to be prepared and let the video roll. Be the best you can be, even on video.
How to Look and Sound Good

Communicating online has become second nature for most of us during the pandemic-but moving from in-person to digital isn't always the easiest transition. And if you are giving a virtual presentation for work, chances are you want to look and...

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Host a Great Virtual Event

If you're looking to plan a virtual event for your small business, you need to first figure out what you want to accomplish - whether it's to attract customers or network or for another reason. Don't trap your audience behind a screen - consider...

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Companies Flock to Event Pros

Companies might not have seen the last of the proverbial chicken dinner at events, but attendees can expect to eat a lot less of it in the future. Covid-19 didn't kill the live event, but it has changed what the idea of live means and the value...

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By Wings Event Engineers
DON’T let the platform drive your agenda.
DO take time to create a detailed framework before contracting with a platform. 'Don’t let the tail wag the dog, let the dog wag the tail', as the saying goes.

DON’T just copy your in-person agenda.
DO consider time zones, limiting sessions due to shorter attention spans and schedule breaks.

DON’T be boring!
DO create elements for engagement opportunities (i.e. polls, Q&A, gamification, gifting, networking, etc.). Reach out to our Event Engineers for networking strategies.
Wings Knows Virtual...
We're Ready, Are You?

Proper planning and a detailed strategy are important keys to success. Wings will make planning large and small virtual and even hybrid events simple…let us show you how.
Wings Party Stylist for Hire

Enjoy the warm glow of candle light.
If you're ready to host a creative well thought-out private event, milestone celebration or special occasion, let our talented Event Engineers make things easy.
Let’s celebrate together! Check out our website...great gatherings start here!
Delivering Wows!
Wings Event Engineers comb the desert to find just the right gifts to convey your sentiments, all while staying within your budget. We carefully curate the selections in each gift to create a unique unboxing experience that weaves a story that is sure to surprise and delight.
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