Volume 67 | August 3, 2021
What's In Your Closet?
As we don the business casual look and get back to in-person interaction, the big question is what to wear! A jean jacket or a blazer? Graphic tees or button downs?

One area that event professionals agree on is color or the lack thereof when supporting in person events, black or gray to blend into the background while presenting that professional polish that is easily identifiable as someone in charge and not wait staff or front desk. New fashion trends are creating clothes that are more timeless and more versatile, therefore more sustainable. What's old is new again!

Even Olympic Athletes are embracing recycled fabrics and timeless designs. With beauty and grace, these games highlight the KIMONO Project honoring 213 countries each depicting unique features representing friendship and a global mission of peace. Dress for success!
Wings Knows the World

Expand your horizons. Finding the perfect location anywhere and negotiating the right contract terms are where we excel. Wings will find the ideal location, however far flung for your corporate meeting or well-deserved incentive trip. 
Don't Go it Alone
Wings Knows Budgeting
With a proven track record, Wings can effectively design your event budget no matter what the world condition. We have all the necessary resources at the ready and can help you effectively manage the dollars and cents allocated for your incentive trip, meeting or event.
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