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Please note: Your health and safety remain our top priority and we continue to remain vigilant. Given the acceleration of the COVID-19 Delta variant across many regions of the United States, the Providence Art Club is requiring that all class attendees provide proof of the COVID-19 vaccination BEFORE registration can be completed. If you haven't already. please send a photo of your vaccination card, or some other form of proof that you have been fully vaccinated, to abba@providenceartclub.org.

Please remember that full vaccination means that you have completed both doses of a 2-dose vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) or 1 dose of a one-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) AND that 2 calendar weeks have elapsed since your last dose of a vaccine. We would like to thank everyone for your flexibility and understanding as we navigate this evolving situation together.

Because of the ever-changing policies and rules, please be aware that in-person class size limits are subject to change. Please also be aware that some in-person classes could switch to Zoom if state restrictions change.
Beginning January 10, 2022
TO REGISTER, e-mail Abba Cudney
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Mondays, January 10 - March 21
No class January 17, February 21
Painting Your Vision with Watercolor with Bill Lane and Anne Wert

During the Fall class session, Anne and Bill will split the 10-week session as follows: the first 5 weeks Bill will teach and the last 5 weeks Anne will teach the class. We’ll explore different watercolor techniques, fine-tuning your values and planning your composition before you start painting. This will help ensure you start with a successful design...and painting! (Solid planning, a value sketch and drawing skills will make your watercolor painting a bit easier.)

We just ask that you have, at least, tried watercolor a little before taking this class.

Paint from your own images or set up a still life but make sure you are passionate about your subject. It will show in your work!

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Limited to 15 students

Class Fee: $99 member (9 classes)
Image: Bill Lane
Image: Anne Wert
Mondays, January 10 - March 21
No class January 17, February 21
Linocut with Elizabeth Bonner Zimmerman

Linoleum Relief Printing class will be for anyone interested in learning how to make a linoleum relief print and those who have some experience. Explore some of the new materials that are available in this process. Some work can be done at home. We will make one and two color prints with a simple way to register blocks. You will be able to print at home as well as with the press at the Club.

Speedball carving set
Printing baren
Linoleum will be available to purchase through instructor and cut to a specific size, or you can use your own.
Lightweight paper will also be available at no cost.
Relief printing inks will be available, and brayers.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio
Limited to 6 students

Materials Fee: $15
Class Fee:
$99 member (9 classes)
Mondays, January 10 - March 21
No class January 17, February 21
Portrait Painting and Drawing with Kelly McCullough

The focus of this class is the portrait. Photographs will be used as the reference. The student can bring their own photo to work from or use a photo provided by the instructor. Ideally, the photo will be close to, if not exactly the same size as the canvas or paper the student is using. Prints, iPads or laptops are all usable. More than one portrait can be done during this 9 week course, but just one reference image is needed to start.

Kelly will go over important aspects of portraiture based on the Sight-Size technique, such as seeing heights and widths, recreating shadow shapes, mixing flesh tones based on a limited palette, scraping and softening, and so much more. Portraiture is Kelly’s passion and she is excited to share some tricks of the trade that can help any level artist create an impressive likeness. 

This class is open to all levels of experience. 

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Limited to 15 students

Class Fee: $99 member (9 classes)
Materials List:
All materials are welcome. 
Charcoal, pencils, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, oil…the student can use preferred materials. 
For painters; please have a blue, red, yellow and white. Cadmium red and yellow are fine. Yellow ochre works well. Ultramarine blue or ivory black are both great. Titanium white or whatever white you have. Just bring your paints. If there is something you are lacking, Kelly can provide what you need. 
Brushes of various sizes, canvas, gamsol. A small palette knife can be useful if you have one.
Medium tooth paper if you are drawing. 
The most important thing is that the surface you are working on is similar in size to your photo. 
Email Kelly with any questions. *If you want to use your own photo, email Kelly the image. 
Mondays, January 10 - February 14
No class January 17
Joy of Self Expression using Your Smart Phone
with Laurie Klein

Listen closely; can you hear your art is speaking to you? It may begin as a whisper. This is the poetry of your heart.

How do you gain a fresh perceptive during these changing times, unrest and insecurity? Everyone has a smartphone these days. It is one of the most accessible creative tools we have at our fingertips.
Through a series of fun exercises, you will realize how taking photographs can be transformative, healing, fun and joyful.
Come play with Laurie Klein and learn how to tap into your creative juices!
We will be concentrating on storytelling from capture on your phone, then using apps to create moods, to continue your storyline. We will also dive into the world of compositing. You will be given photographic prompts.

Materials List: smart phone fully charged.
Download Snapseed and Distressed FX + to start with on your mobile device.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio
Limited to 8 students

Class Fee:
$55 member (5 classes)
Renowned photographer and educator, Laurie Klein, is regarded as one of the most influential infrared photographers in the world. Laurie holds a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MFA from Ohio University. Early in her career, Laurie studied with Ansel Adams. She is the author of Infrared Photography: Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images and Photographing The Female Form with Digital Infrared  both published by Amherst Media, Hand Coloring Black and White Photography published by Quarry Publishers, and is published in numerous magazines. Her images have been exhibited globally. Laurie teaches regularly at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Maine Media, and presents her own boutique workshops.
Tuesdays, January 11 - March 15
Composition with Judy Vilmain

This class is for representational artists working in any media — oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, mixed media, and etc. We will consider both landscape and still-life compositions.
How many times have you been in the middle of a painting and realized that the composition is just not working? But by then it feels too late to try to change it. Or, do you ever look at your paintings and realize they’re just… kind of boring? By the end of this class you will have the skills, tools, and mindset you need to design compelling compositions and avoid all that frustration and time-wasting.
During the course:
•  we will go over common compositional “tools” such as emphasis, isolation, convergence and asymmetry.
•  you will practice making Value Studies, using different methods such as grisaille, markers, pencil sketching, and painting.
•  we’ll discuss Notans and their usefulness, and practice making them.
•  the emphasis will be on learning fast, simple ways to come up with good compositions.
•  you will learn how to use Composition to help the viewer connect to your work at an emotional level.
You will work from your own photos, and you will revisit some of your past work. 
Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.
Limited to 12 students

Class Fee: $110 member (10 classes)
Materials List:
All your usual paints and gear, plus:
•  Raw Umber paint
•  White paint
•  A large paintbrush (at least 1/2”)
•  Viewfinder
•  Sketchbook, any size
•  A thick, black Sharpie
•  A range of drawing pencils from dark to light
•  Tracing paper
•  A few clear acetate sheets
•  Masking tape
•  Some inexpensive supports, such as gessoed paper, canvas paper, canvas sheets, or small canvases or panels. You could also gesso over some of your old, not-very-good paintings. (I have plenty of those if you need them.)
•  A smartphone or tablet if you have one.
Tuesdays, 9am-noon
Session 1: January 11 - February 8
Session 2: February 15 - March 15
Egg Tempera with Kathy Hodge

From the early Egyptians to contemporary painters, artists have chosen egg tempera for its permanence and unique luminosity. Although an ancient technique, this fascinating medium is still used by artists today and is really very simple and economical to use. In this 2-part class I will demonstrate how to make tempera paints using egg yolk, dry pigments and a little water. I will show how to how to build up layers, using brushwork, sponging, stenciling and other techniques. We will talk about best practices, and I will provide supporting documents with links to more information and resources. You will be provided with small practice panels, and a larger panel for your finished piece. You can work from still life objects provided, your own objects, or photos. As we learn about the technique we can visit the RISD museum and view some impressive examples of egg tempera paintings in their wonderful Medieval gallery.

See a slideshow of the egg tempera technique and examples at https://youtu.be/bW5BnqEW8bY

All materials provided. Museum admission fee not included. 

You may sign up for one, or both sessions to explore egg tempera in more depth. 

Location: Garden Level Print Room
Limited to 8 students

Materials Fee: $25
Class Fee:
Session 1: $55 member (5 classes)
Session 2: $55 member (5 classes)
Kathy Hodge is known for her oil paintings but after “inheriting” the egg tempera supplies of magic realist painter Louise Marianetti she became intrigued by the technique and has worked it into her studio practice. She has a BFA in painting from the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, received the 2017 RISCA fellowship award in painting, and has been appointed Artist in Residence in 13 National Parks and Forests.
Tuesdays, January 11 - March 15
Painting with Passion:
with Anthony Tomaselli
There is something about this creative process of making art that keeps bringing us back to IT! A passion…..a question that needs to be answered….that special feeling we get when doing it…..the camaraderie of others involved in this similar journey. Why do you keep coming back?

The main focus of this class will be YOU! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran of painting (making art), the journey begins with you. We will together define your goals and set out to achieve them. The ultimate goal for you is to learn and improve.

Yes we will work on fundamentals, yes we will discuss traditional as well as contemporary art applications, yes we will critique at the end of each class -- my goal is to inspire and challenge.

So I encourage you to Paint! Have courage, don’t be too comfortable where you are: experiment, splash, scrape, blend, draw, paint…and sculpt. Don’t fear the unknown. Embrace it. Be challenged by it. Most of all, enjoy every minute of it!

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Limited to 17 students

Class Fee: $110 member (10 classes)
Only A Few Spaces Left!
Wednesdays, January 12 - March 16
Atelier Open Studio: with Carol Beagan and Catherine McKinnon
Share the experience that the Masters shared in a true atelier environment. This is a unique engagement for all levels of painters... an atmosphere where ideas and techniques are readily exchanged. It will be an experience that will enhance your art skills. Artists of all levels are welcome.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Limited to 17 students

Class Fee: $60 member (10 classes)
Detail from painting by Dora Atwater Millikin
Wednesdays, January 12 - March 16
with Kirsten Sorensen

Every level of artist is welcome to join us for our monotype class in the beautiful garden level print studio. Learn how to use our wonderful printing press and also pull prints created by hand pressure.
We will produce several different types of monotype prints using a Plexiglas surface from your original drawings, photographs and your unique mark making work. Color and collage can be added to create printed paintings and artworks. A variety of papers, including printmaking, mulberry, and many other unique papers will lend textual and original visual communication to your artwork.
We’ll investigate the techniques and processes of monotypes including subtractive, additive, tracing, ghost, masking, embossing and collage printing. We will experiment and work with different water-based inks and acrylic paints.
The history of monotypes, composition, color and line will be discussed. Your drawings and photographs and spontaneous mark making will lend a personalized creative element to your prints. This is a class that one may take many times and still discover a rewarding, productive and happy art making morning!

Location: Garden Level Print Studio
Limited to 8 students

Materials Fee: $20
Class Fee:
$110 member (10 classes)
Only A Few Spaces Left!
Wednesdays, January 12 - March 16
Drawing in the RISD Museum
with Frances Middendorf

Students will be given a series of exercises that highlight works of art at the RISD Museum. We will explore the whole collection from furniture, textiles, works on paper, design as well as paintings. Students will be asked to transcribe works - draw accurately, perceptively as well as interpret the art in the collection. A homework assignment is encouraged. Special behind the scenes visits will be included. Open to all levels. The class should improve one’s ability to see, to draw and to learn about the art history and methods and materials of the artists.

Please note: Each student must be vaccinated and wear a mask while in the museum. There will be no fee for entering the museum as before. Also please be aware that the class may have to go virtual if their is an upturn in cases.

Materials: Easy to carry sketchbook, Bristol board Vellum finish with a support (small easy to carry drawing board or hard cardboard. A variety of pencils from 4-6 B,2B, HB, F. White eraser and kneaded eraser. Artist tape and paper towels optional.

Students can opt to gather for lunch back at the Art Club after class.

Location: RISD Museum
Limited to 12 students

Class Fee:
$110 member (10 classes)
"Frances Middendorf's classes are a delightful blend of drawing, studying art history, and stimulating your imagination, all while exploring the historic and notable art treasures of the RISD Museum. Her knowledge of the different periods and civilizations represented in the museum are astounding and informative. Her delight in our finished work makes her a most sympathetic and enthusiastic teacher and she is quite adept at providing a supportive experience for all from beginner to advanced." - Anne Carty
Wednesdays, January 12 - February 9
En Plein Air Photography
with Nickerson Miles & Cindy Wilson

Co-led and building on previous iterations of this class, En Plein Air Photography (EPAP) is designed for artists with a wide range of photographic skills. The course involves alternating weeks of group “field-trip shooting” in the region and in-person or Zoom-based sharing/discussion/critiques (depending on the weather) of the previous week’s work with short technical lessons. This iteration will reflect the course’s title with a particular emphasis on exploring the importance and control of depth of field in photography as well as our ongoing interest in storytelling. The field trips will be further afield this time with visits to locations within local region,
No special photographic equipment is required, although use of a camera is encouraged.

In the event of inclement weather, we’ll find interesting indoor locations to photograph. There’s so much we can learn from each other as artists. Since many artists depend on photographs to inspire their creations, we will be building on the idea of “creating better art through photography.”

Location: Photo field trips alternating with in-person or online via Zoom reviews
Limited to 12 students

Class Fee:
$55 member (5 classes)
About the instructors:

Cindy Wilson has been a professional photographer for most of her adult life, earning her MFA at Tyler. Most recently she has taught photography at local art associations in RI and led travel photography workshops.

A photographer by avocation for 50 years, Nick Miles has taught photojournalism at the university level and exhibited his work at various shows and galleries. He has taught several other PAC photography classes and led the Club’s expansion into distance learning.
Thursdays, January 13 - March 17
Life Drawing and Painting with Kate Huntington and Craig Masten

Traditional Figure/Life class working with a nude model every week. Excellent way to enhance drawing skills for whatever art you do. Each class begins with brief gesture poses to practice how to put natural movement into figures, followed by a long pose to allow more finished work.

All levels of experience are welcome, with individual instruction focused on the needs and wants of each participant.

Materials List:
Bring whatever art media materials you like which are acceptable in other PAC classes, but suggested to start can include a fairly large pad of drawing paper (a good one is an affordable acid-free newsprint pad by Strathmore, 18x24” available at “Jerry’s”), soft charcoals and/or peel down charcoal pencils, and a kneaded eraser.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Limited to 15 students

Class Fee:
$150 member (10 classes)
Image: Kate Huntington
Image: Craig Masten
Thursdays, January 13 - March 17
Painting Around the World with Susan Klas Wright

Traveling with our hearts and memories we'll paint from my photos of Europe, Bali, India, Turkey, Hawaii, Alaska and the American Southwest. Our emphasis will be on lights and darks, patterns, and creating drama. We'll reduce "clutter" in these images and paint just what is needed to convey the heart of the art. If this appeals to you grab your paints and join me!

Location: Garden Level Print Room
Limited to 8 students

Class Fee:
$110 member (10 classes)
Thursdays, January 13 - March 17
Big and Bold: Expressive Drawing with Paint with Jossy Lownes

Whatever the subject, we will paint using more color, more variety, and more confidence. Each week the demonstrations and exercises focus on a variety of elements including; bolder color, value dominance, and interesting composition. There will be simple exercises to practice the topic of the week. Florals, still life, landscape and figurative are possible subjects. We will include all. The concepts apply to 
all mediums.

The class is geared to “getting to the next level” for each person. 
Lots of improvement awaits in this fun, new class with Jossy. 

For more information feel free to call her at 480-580-3252.

Materials List:
Please bring your favorite colors (oils, acrylics, watercolors)
-sketch book: 11 x 14
-brushes: at least one 1” and one 2”
and palette knives (assortment) 
-canvas or paper 11 x14 or larger
-reference material: (photos - preferably your own...or sketches)
-paper towel
-watercolor/oil pad: 14 x 18 or larger

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Limited to 12 students

Class Fee: $110 member (10 classes)
Jossy Lownes has been a professional artist for the past 30 years. Painting and teaching occupy most of her time in Arizona and in Rhode Island. Summer on an island gives her inspiration for landscapes and non-representational work. Her figurative pieces reflect her feelings for the single life as well as relationships. Groups of people show the human desire for companionship and for enjoying life together.
Thursdays, February 17 - March 17
Fold, Cut, Join, Stitch: Explorations of Book Structures with Suzi Cozzens

This 5-week class begins with the basics: tools and materials, paper and board grain (and why it matters),
cutting, scoring and an introduction to folded book structures. Using these skills, we move on to the very versatile and practical Drum Leaf binding. Week three begins with an overview of two closely related sewn structures—the pamphlet and the Japanese stab. In weeks 4-6, students create two multi-signature books: the Smythe-sewn and the longstitch. Variations on all book structures are shown each week and the class includes an optional visit to the remarkable RISD artists’ book collection at a time/date to be determined. All levels welcomed!

Location: Garden Level Print Room
Limited to 8 students

Materials Fee: $125
Class Fee: $55 member (5 classes)
What you will need:
PVA glue + glass container for transport, glue brushes (I recommend all-purpose art brushes, both round and flat), cutting mat, scissors, cutting knife (Olfa preferred or Xacto), bone folder, ruler(s), pencil, white pencil, awl

Materials Fee: $125
Includes: linen binding threads, binding needles, glue sticks, PVA glue, wax paper, card stock cut-to-size: binder’s board, Neenah paper, RIVES BFK, bookcloth, Cave paper, general decorative papers
Thursdays, January 20 - March 24
The French New Wave
with Paul Stein

The directors of the Nouvelle Vague created a new cinematic style, using breakthrough techniques and a fresh approach to storytelling that could express complex ideas while still being both direct and emotionally engaging. Crucially, these filmmakers also proved that they didn't need the mainstream studios to produce successful films on their own terms. By emphasizing the personal and artistic vision of film over its worth as a commercial product, the Nouvelle Vague set an example that inspired others across the world. In every sense they were the true founders of modern independent film and to watch them for the first time is to rediscover cinema.
All films will be shown in the original French with English subtitles

Location: Maxwell Mays Gallery
Limited to 15 students

Class Fee: $110 member (10 classes)
Fridays, January 14 - March 18
Beginning Drawing
with Dennis DeLomba

This concentrated ten-week class offers the absolute basics for getting started in drawing. It will cover topics such as basic materials, line quality, measurement, lighting, and composition. It is intended for people who have little or no experience drawing, and who want to get started in a relaxed, no-pressure but information-rich setting.

This course covers basic drawing processes and techniques. Fundamental skills are developed through a variety of approaches from short exercises to longer compositional studies. Emphasis is on drawing from observation including the depiction of form, light, and space.
Course Objectives
·     Introduce students to basic drawing skills using linear, gestural, structural, and tonal techniques.
·     Provide students with the tools to depict form and space using the language and process of drawing.
·     Introduce basic pictorial concepts in the development of composition.
·     The development of critical thinking and visual problem solving through practice and critique.
·     Work with a variety of achromatic drawing materials including graphite and historic materials
Learning Outcomes
·     Develop physical and visual skills related to the drawing process.
·     Judge proportion, scale, and spatial relationships.
·     Use linear and tonal techniques to depict light and shadow.
·     Use linear and tonal techniques to depict form and develop composition.
·     The use of materials common to the drawing process.
Materials List:
1 set Tombow Mono Pencils
1 18" by 24" pad Strathmore or Canson Drawing Paper
1 18" by 24" inch pad Smooth Newsprint
1 kneaded eraser

Optional Supplies:
1 cardboard or student portfolio 24" by 36"
1 Drawing Board with clips

I'll also be supplying samples of handmade papers as well as typical drawing materials typical of earlier periods of Art History.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Limited to 12 students

Class Fee: $110 member (10 classes)
Dennis DeLomba is a painter and an award winning multitalented artist and designer whose work has been successful on an international scale.

An MFA graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, his ceramics studio's designs have been sold in thousands of galleries over his career, and have been collected worldwide.

His paintings and drawings are a unique blend of classical technique and contemporary innovation.
Only 1 Spot Left!
Fridays, February 18 - March 25
Adobe Photoshop for Photography
with Karen Murtha

Adobe Photoshop is a challenging yet fun application! The student will be exposed to the abilities of what it can do to help with overall image refinement and exploration through imagination.

Our focus will be to develop a knowledge of the PS language and aesthetic skills to adjust and edit your images. The student will learn the use of the application’s many tools, which include cropping for composition, contrast, exposure and color adjustment for enhancement, plus the process of restoration for old or damaged photos. We will then study the finer points of layering and manipulation to learn to take out or add objects and people in your photo. As we advance there are many more interesting tools to learn that help to enhance the image.
Your computer with your images and the Adobe Photoshop application will be needed. All the new applications are now downloaded from the Adobe Creative Cloud for a monthly fee. A link to the site will be provided previous to the class starting

Location: Garden Level Print Room
Limited to 8 students

Class Fee: $66 member (6 classes)
Fridays, January 14 - March 18
Painting Lab
with Tom Monahan
A safe, encouraging environment to grow as an artist.
This intimate class is part open studio and part independent study, to help representational artists of all levels grow, through exploration, insights and discoveries. It’s a small class where you’ll get personalized guidance around your specific wants and needs.
From week to week, you’ll paint what you choose to paint, as Tom circulates through the classroom, stopping in with each student two or three times per class, to help you achieve your vision as an artist or navigate through challenges.
Tom believes it takes courage to explore new areas of artistic expression, so this class provides ample encouragement in both practical and empathetic terms.
Materials list:
Bring the kinds of paints, surfaces and other supplies that you typically use, including a painting or two that you are currently working on. 

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Limited to 12 students

Class Fee: $110 member (10 classes)
Instructor Tom Monahan has been a Providence Art Club exhibiting artist member for seven years. He brings decades of experience helping others explore their creativeness in his careers as one of advertising’s premier creative directors and as a pioneering creativity coach. As a painter his personal journey has unfolded organically in diverse directions overtime. He loves such exploration.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, January 11 - March 15
Open Print Studio
For VETTED Printmakers ONLY
Minimal, if any, supervision.

Waitlist Only Tuesdays: no monitor
Wednesdays: no monitor
Fridays: no monitor

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.
Limited to 4 students per session

Class Fee: $10/day
TO REGISTER for WINTER classes, email Abba Cudney at abba@providenceartclub.org

If you are not a member, and you are interested in membership, please contact Julia Hubbard in Membership Services to find out how to become a member. 
Class Enrollment
Class sizes are limited and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. If enrollment maximum is reached, your name will be added to a wait list. If an enrolled student cancels, the Art Club will notify the first person on the wait list. Unfortunately, the Providence Art Club is unable to prorate students for missed classes or classes that they are unable to attend. The Art Club strives to provide the highest quality art classes with various media for all members.

  • Members will be billed for each class they register for.
  • Portrait and Figure Class students will be charged an additional model fee.
  • If space allows, spouses of members may sign up for classes for an additional fee of $25 (class fee, model fee, and materials fee still apply).
  • Please review our guidelines for STUDIO ETIQUETTE and for ORIENTATION.

What if it Snows?
If it snows, every effort will be made to get an e-mail out to the membership about cancellations and closures. You may also call the Club's answering machine message (331-1114) regarding canceled classes.
Contact us:
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