Amazing Solutions just for you!
Lots of great activities happening at Capital already this year. You’ll notice some significant additions to the many solutions we’re offering — each intended to add to the success of previous ones.

For instance:
  • CommScope’s Ruckus Networks adds to the industry leading network cabling performance of Uniprise.
  • SYSTIMAX Cabling’s truly stunning performance Wi-Fi access points, using BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna technology, offers the best bang for your buck.
  • Another solution we’ve added, Acceltex’s AP mounting systems, helps you install your latest APs in a secure and effective method.

You’ll also see a lot of focus on schools this year, especially those that need mass communication systems like intercoms or paging.

The AtlasIED team has become a closer partner to Singlewire’s Informacast. Combined, they offer a truly best in class communication platform that integrates with all other building systems while ensuring the safety for all inhabitants. Until you see it for yourself, you won’t believe what an impact excellent design and engineering provides when combined. Make sure to schedule a demo with us asap!

In addition to audio communications, schools are also looking to upgrade their surveillance systems which is perfect timing for us since we’ve just launched a new partnership with Hanwha Techwin America. They offer a full list of cameras to help you dial in exactly what you need, and they’re all standards compliant so there’s no need to forklift any existing components out until you want to.

We’re looking forward to finding new ways to work together in 2021... while continuing to add our unique value to your next project. Let’s talk!

We hope to see you at the WTA event on February 18th!