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There are a lot of people out there who want to press the reset button on 2020. No one can blame them; it's been a very challenging year. (I'm sorry, I know that word is way over used.)

While there may not be a magic reset for this year, we each have a button that we control within us. Some call it attitude. Others call it intent or positive thoughts. Whatever you call it, its power is inside each of us.

That thought of doing good, being kind, making a positive difference... that's where the reset begins. Choosing this path takes effort - it's called work. It doesn't just happen because you wish it to. It takes consistent work to filter through all the fear mongering that our media promotes to find goodness in the world.

However, this effort pays off every day with small dividends, each one of them more valuable than gold. That kindness that you show a stranger, which could be as simple as a smile, causes a ripple effect whether either of you knows it or not. That ripple may then impact others downstream... many that you'll never have any direct contact with.

Now is the time to be that ripple. In spite of the many issues we face, we all need to work more than ever to be kind to everyone - even when anger is top of mind and too easily within reach. Don't go for easy, it never pays off. What does pay off? Hard work. Even if you don't see immediate results, you'll have made a positive difference.
- Mike

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