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Time. It's something that is equally distributed to each of us. Everyone gets 24 hours per day; the smart people seem to figure out how to get more value out of each hour than most.

We recently added a feature to our software that will help any contractor who buys from us move squarely into the Smart people category because it gives them more time to spend on important tasks.

This new feature creates Submittal Packages for the items ordered for a project, and also a Div-27 formatted table of contents, with a few quick keystrokes by our talented inside sales team.

Ask for your submittal package on your next project. You'll be happy with all of the "extra" time you have afterward!

- Mike

Today's buildings are getting smarter and more connected than ever. It's a good thing Capital Electric can help!  


Join us on our fourth annual brewery tour at Raised Grain Brewing Co. in Waukesha.

Make it

What if you could order with a single part number and it came with everything you needed for the job?  


AtlasIED is at it again! They're just released another great product for speech privacy.

Next month we'll be sharing details of our May Lunch and Learn!
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