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Let’s talk about why March is an awesome month. Spring is right around the corner. March 20th, the first day of spring, is just the realization we need to pull us from the doldrums of too much snow and not enough sunshine. 
Have you noticed that people’s outlooks have changed now that the sun is still shining as they leave work? We have, and it’s great to see everyone standing a little taller. 
In addition to warmer temps, we will soon get another hour of daylight added on the 14th when Daylight Savings Time starts. Of course, St Patrick’s day won’t be celebrated in large crowds like years past, but hopefully those types of gatherings will return soon.
But my personal reason to celebrate March each year is because it’s my dad’s birth month. He’ll turn 88 years old this year! It’s quaint to say that if it weren’t for him (and mom) I wouldn’t be here today but there’s more to that than you think. My dad founded Capital Electric Wire & Cable back in 1978. So not only wouldn’t I be here today, Capital wouldn’t either. 
I am so grateful that he gave me the opportunity to experience the business firsthand back in 1984 when I began re-spooling wire in the warehouse. It was the beginning of a lifetime of challenges and learning opportunities that changed my life, which I wouldn’t trade for the world. 
Thanks, dad, and happy birthday! 


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