I was fortunate enough to escape our winter and attend the 50th BICSI Winter Conference in Tampa last month. It was nice to be somewhere warm for a few days and see the sun!

After being a BICSI member for 30 years, some of these conferences can be a bit stale. This one was different. There were many presentations discussing upcoming changes to how our data transport cable may also add power to the deliverables. Sure, Power over Ethernet — how to deliver it and even how to test it — was part of the conversation, but well beyond that was a very new concept called Fault-Managed Power Systems. Also referred to as Class 4 power or digital electricity. This system has proven to be highly efficient at delivering power over long distances and is incredibly safe. Many referred to it as safe to touch.

This new system has an incredible chance to change many designs and applications in our buildings. You’ll hear more about it in the future. And it’s not just talk either; it has been incorporated into the NEC 2023 under a new special systems Article 726, Class 4, and UL has specified safety standards UL 1400-1 and UL 1400-2.

Watch this month's The Wire for upcoming details!


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Atmosphere® from AtlasIED just got a major upgrade. Version 3.0 is here.

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Move over PoE, “digital electricity” is coming to town and will change the way we wire and power buildings.

Welcome to the world of Class 4 power.

Upgraded J-Hooks from nVent CADDY have arrived… and they’re great.

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