Four-Element Cable, Holiday Closings, Making MKE great, and Strategically Hidden Speakers
It's November but there is still a lot of pressure to get things done on the many, many projects in the area. And, since we're still facing ultra-low unemployment, this is truly a challenge to find better ways of being productive.
This month, we're sharing a few ideas in a few areas to help accomplish this lofty goal: 1) methods for hiding sound systems, 2) ways to be more efficient with access control cables.
More importantly, I think, is that we're also sharing a story about a group of folks that make a difference in the lives of those facing challenges. Check out our post on i.c.stars below. The idea began in Chicago, but as all things go we're making it better in Milwaukee!
Don't forget to join us on Thursday, November 8, for our Lunch & Learn featuring AtlasIED!
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A cost effective security solution for access control.


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Have you registered for our Lunch & Learn on November 8th? We want to see you there!  

i.c.stars is another great Milwaukee organization helping to make a difference in our community.


Do you have a project that requires focus on aesthetics without sacrificing performance? Find out how AtlasIED can help.

Make sure to register for our November 8 Lunch and Learn. We want you there!
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