Holiday hours, smart cities, UPSs, and more.

There are many times when I feel the phrase, "keep it simple, stupid," also known as the KISS approach, was created just for me. I say this because I often feel that I'm not the brightest bulb in the box. Beyond that, though, is the fact that complicated processes just never seem to work well; the original intent gets overrun with details.
No doubt you've felt the effect of this whenever you've dealt with your TV cable company or your mobile service provider or some other "big box" firm. Lots of dialing options or filters on the online questionnaire, but not very simple or easy.
Simple, easy, quick and accurate are all things you should feel when you deal with Capital. An example of simple is our Cablepedia blog series. It's where we take the marketing spin off the idea and explain the intent or value in plain terms. You can see examples here: 
Going forward, you're going to hear more from us about these four elements because it's important for you to know there are options.
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The concept of smart cities has been around for a bit, but what are we really looking at/talking about?  


Rather than discarding your electronic devices and their related components, which includes your cables and wires, we want to invite you to e-cycle them.


How are you powering your cabinet?


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