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Just three months remain in 2019, and by now your team is likely in a full-court-press as you budget for 2020.
Here are some things to consider as you map out your technology expenses:
  • WiFi Access Point makers now recommend 2x Cat6A cables drops to each device. Now's the time to plan to eliminate re-cabling costs.
  • OM5 multimode fiber is now recognized for backbone cabling and for data centers.
  • Terminating fibers is better than ever with Splice-on Connectors. Let us give you a quote on a fusion machine. We think you'll be surprised.
  • An air-blown fiber (ABF) system can protect you from future cable upgrade downtime. It's perfect for those situations where you simply can't afford another disruption.
  • What you spend on a cabling system will likely last 20+ years and provide ALL of your communication needs. How does that term compare to what you spend on software... PCs... switches?
The team at Capital is ready to assist you in any way we can. This includes providing you with budgetary information quickly and easily. Let us know how we can help you!
- Mike
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