Welcome to fall!

Boy, oh boy, do we miss you!
It amazes me how much I miss face to face interactions. Given that my profession is sales I'm sure that doesn't surprise you, but it surprised me. From what I gather, I'm not alone.
Humans are wired to connect with each other, and we're better humans when we do. With that in mind, I have two ideas I'd like to share with you:
First, an association that I've been a part of for years, Wisconsin Technology Association (WTA), is hosting a "How to stay Human in a Virtual World" Technology Conference on October 15th at the new Brookfield Conference Center. It's a hybrid event. You can decide how to join - in person or virtually.
Second, consider setting up a date to visit our Service Center with your team. We're not open for public traffic yet but we are hosting small groups for specific tech updates and demos.
You'll find more details on both ideas below.
Until I get to see you again in person, I wish you health and growth in your endeavors.
- Mike

We're Celebrating 60+ years of an industry leader!


Join Caddy nVent on October 12th for their webinar: How to Reduce Costs in Harsh & Corrosive Environments


Although we aren't serving lunch, we are still hosting our lunch and learn sessions which we've turned into private demonstrations. 


Cleaning during installation is far less expensive than cleaning after the connection has failed.


Wi-Fi 6 &
 Wi-Fi 6E

We've got the skinny on new Wi-Fi speeds and expansions.

Happy Halloween!
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