Welcome to fall!
This month we’re taking time to focus on the return of Hubbell Premise Wiring to the Wisconsin market. We’re excited to have the help of Brian Bruckmoser (CTGroup) as the manufacturer's rep and Angelo Matarangas (Hubbell’s territory manager) to remind everyone that Hubbell has some incredible solutions.

To kick things off we’re hosting a Hubbell Premise Wiring Lunch & Learn on the 21st of this month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. You’ll find details below.

If you’re a cabling professional, you’re going to start seeing more call-outs for Hubbell on specifications due to Brian’s efforts with consultants and end-customers.

If you’re an end-customer, you should know that Hubbell Premise Wiring is part of Hubbell Inc., a $3.6 billion company that started in 1888. The Premise Wiring group offers complete network infrastructure solutions including copper, fiber, wireless AP mounting options, racks, cable managers and trays. 

Additionally, they have incredible solutions that can address your A/V cabling needs.

All that sounds great, but the question today is can they ship? The answer is Yes! They’ve got some of the shortest lead times in the industry, which is really important if your project is to stay on schedule.

Let’s talk about how a Hubbell Premise Wiring solution could make a difference in your project.

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