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It's back to school time once again. Of course, this year is much different than year's past. Some kids are staying in the virtual classroom while others are attending classes in person once again. Then again, some are doing a combination of both. It's strange times, indeed. Regardless, I hope your children get the most they can from today's learning environment.
Speaking of learning... we love this opportunity to help you learn about ways to make smarter decisions within your business, and will highlight some new products and solutions for you in this edition of The Wire to do just that.
I'd also like to remind you that we are always happy to help you learn about this industry and its products outside of our monthly newsletter. It's one of the drivers that make us tick. So, if you've got a question about how something works, or whether it fits with something else, ask us. We'll get back to you quickly with an answer - whether we know it right on the spot or need to do a bit of investigating.
Another way to learn with us is to schedule a private session at our Customer Service Center where we have most of our top brands on display to show you how they function. We've also expanded the space to include demonstrations of fully functional audio systems for paging, sound masking and mass notification. Groups are limited to only your team, and our facility is cleaned before and after each session to keep everyone safe.
We really would like to be helpful in your effort to learn. So, do yourself a favor and take us up on the offer
May all of your calls be returned with the help you need.
- Mike

The shape and construction of a network cable is critical to its performance. Check out this article to learn why it matters.


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When it comes to installing basket trays, we have all sorts of ways to help you save time and money with WBT. 

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AtlasIED's new Atmosphere solution is easy to install yet incredibly powerful, providing great sound systems wherever you need them.

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