“We went into foster care thinking that we were going to be amazing at this. It took a couple of weeks for us to realize that we could not do this alone and that we needed support, resources, education, and everything that the Coalition offers.” – Natalie Underwood, Coalition staff member and foster/adoptive mom

These words quoted from the “Wisconsin Foster Care and Adoption Resource Center: Here for Families” video certainly ring true for anyone who has been a part of the foster care experience. The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families has recently created and shared two new videos explaining our services. One video was created to tell families about the FCARC, and the other describes how the FCARC can be a support to workers. Both videos feature staff members talking about the services and supports available, how to find this valuable information, and why support—for families and for workers—is essential. These videos are available on the Coalition’s YouTube channel, as well as posted on the Wisconsin Foster Care and Adoption Resource Center website.

We invite you to use and share these resources with your families and colleagues as often as you like!