January, 2020         

Once again, the words that come to me as a title for the newsletter come from Pema Chodron; it's the title of one of her books, in fact, as was the title of my last newsletter. In this past period, I got to experience in a most tangible way the power of what happens when there is no exit.

Saline Valley, California
This happened when I was in the desert, with Emma Quayle and Erin Selover. I wrote a blog post called "Liberation Lessons from the Desert: Choice, Togetherness, and Flow" about all that we learned in this intensive time we shared. I mention in that piece the way that having no exit contributed to what became possible for us. I want to say more about just that aspect here, because it seems to me one key way that we can start shifting the ways so many of us have internalized patriarchy, and capitalism in particular, within our ways of being.

Money and the Illusion of Freedomillusion
Some years ago I had a deep conversation with some friends about just the first page of an often maligned and deeply misunderstood book: Marx's Capital. What became clear through that conversation that has never left me since is that the appeal of capitalism is the illusion of freedom that money gives, both when we have it and when we don't. The core essence of this appeal is simply that if we only have money, and enough of it (which, incidentally, almost no one ever feels they have), we can be free to do what we want and, most particularly, we won't depend on anyone else to give us permission, access, or support. The existence of money and the reality of everything being so commodified also means that we have severed our relationships with true community, the one where our actual material well-being is bound up with that of others who are known to us. Why am I telling you about this? Because the tragic result of these developments is that many of us in the industrialized world, particularly those with more access to financial resources, have less capacity to stay the course in times of difficulty. We know we can leave, and we do when difficulties arise. This, for me, is part of what explains the epidemic of phenomena like "canceling" people: we no longer see staying in relationship and working things out as the default path; it's much more optional than it was even for our parents' generations. Even when people come together to form a community, group, or organization, and are excited about what they envision doing, many such groups disband, or at least lose members.

This worries me deeply, because building the kinds of communities that I believe are necessary to jump start us into a future beyond patriarchy and all its offspring, especially capitalism, requires us to have dramatically more resilience in relation to challenges with our fellow humans, especially when all of us are, in addition, suffering from individual and collective trauma that affects our capacity to respond with choice and to prioritize togetherness. Our experience in the desert, where exit was not an option given physical conditions and how much we depended on each other for food and shelter, made it abundantly clear to us that voluntarily closing exits is a key choice in the process of building relationships and communities.

From Constraints, More Togethernessconstraints
I know it's scary and not what we are used to. I myself feel the weight of that fear. While in the desert there were many times that I had an overwhelming desire to move away from my friends. And, the constraints created by the conditions we found ourselves in resulted in more love and togetherness than I ever imagined with two other people that did all kinds of things I didn't like. We worked through everything, broke through to new discoveries, expanded and deepened our agreements to care for what we learned about our limitations, and found home. This is a discipline that for us was externally driven and that I want to live by choice in future communities.

Miki, Emma and Erin with two of the wild burros in Saline Valley
As hard as my current landing has been, as challenging as vagabonding continues to be, I am elated to have made this visceral discovery with others. While Erin begins a solitary retreat in California as her first step in seeding a community where she is, Emma and I are going virtual and deep. We are working on applying what we learned in the desert to imagining what a virtual community could be like that shares resources and life decisions, and what could be its  immediate actual practical steps. We are continuing to learn and grapple with all that such a commitment brings up. By the time the next newsletter goes out in March, I anticipate being able to share with you a full description and a way to consider joining.

If we are to have a future for humanity, I more and more believe we will need to recover our evolutionary capacity, now atrophied, to collaborate with others in provisioning for all of us. This is a far cry from the "American Dream" of individuals "making it" on their own, a dream that has created massive destruction everywhere on the planet and spiritual desolation for many in the US. Here's to a bright and collaborative future of choice, togetherness, and flow, for all life.

In peace and hope,
P.S. If you want to hear more of what's been happening in the last couple of months, click here for both work and personal celebrations and mournings, including my new insights from the desert in the Humility Corner, NGL celebrations, a new job opportunity, and more.

    Photos by Vance Selover
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We celebrate the release of Gina Simm's book Heart to Heart: 3 Systems for Staying Connected -  A Manual for Parents and Teachers , which is a guide to supporting children in learning how to sustain their humanity and open hearts in a world that's constantly telling them otherwise. Miki says:  "I've been encouraging Gina for years to take the step of converting her amazing work into a book accessible to others, and I am really elated to have it now available. It goes way beyond communication to create environments that actually support children in being part of shaping what unfolds."  It now features on the Fearless Heart website and is available through Gina's website Teaching from Your Heart , where you can also learn more about the book.

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