CIVHC Newsletter | August 2018
CIVHC Perspective - The Wizard of Chargemasters
By Cari Frank, VP of Communication and Marketing
My friend's father just had surgery to release the pressure from an accident that caused swelling in his brain. After the bill arrived, he was shocked that the surgeon billed $10,000 for the surgery, yet only received $1,500 from Medicare. That is when I had to tell him about the mysterious world of health care charges and how little they have to do with what should or does get paid. If you've ever shopped at Kohl's, you'll understand the concept of health care charges.

CIVHC Joins Catalyst HTI
CIVHC is excited to announce the establishment of an extension office at the new Catalyst HTI health care complex in the River North neighborhood of Denver. To date, seventy-five organizations have joined the Catalyst HTI community, allowing members across the health care spectrum to network and collaborate.
Kari Degerness steps into role of Director of Health Care Programs
Kari Degerness, MBA, LNHA, has moved into the role of Director of Health Care Programs. She has been with CIVHC for nearly two years as Account Manager. Prior to joining CIVHC, Kari was Executive Director at Balfour Senior Living. She is passionate about engaging partners to pursue improved health care delivery and quality and is excited to take on this new role.

Kari will be responsible for advancing CIVHC's programmatic work which includes Palliative Care, Advance Care Planning and Healthy Transitions Colorado. CIVHC convenes organizations and individuals working in these areas on a regular basis to advance and improve care in Colorado. If you'd like to learn more or get involved, please reach out to her by clicking below.
CIVHC Perspective - Why Should I Care About My Health Care Costs?
By Rachel Linn, Marketing Manager
For those of us fortunate enough to have health insurance, it is easy to anticipate the costs we will pay for health care services. Until I started at CIVHC, I lived in the ignorant bliss of looking at those little numbers printed on my health insurance card with little understanding of the total costs being paid out and how that impacted me long term. The co-pay number is the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to health care bills and payments.

Plaintalk Blog
Explaining Integrated Care
Much like a computer in a car, the brain directly impacts the health of the body. Integrated care involves bringing behavioral/mental health care into the treatment plans of physical health care - and vice versa. Providers work together to treat patients, sharing information and devising plans while taking the entire patient into consideration.

Featured CO APCD Change Agent
Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative
In 2015, Colorado was awarded $11 million dollars to take part in TCPi. CIVHC is one of the partners providing data and analytics to support evidence-based changes that help providers improve outcomes for their patients while lowering costs.

Featured Community Change Agent
Peterson Center on Healthcare
The Peterson Center on Healthcare is a non-profit organization dedicated to making higher quality, more affordable health care a reality for all Americans. The Center has spent the last few years developing a better understanding of healthcare spending drivers at the national level. Now, with the increasing Data Transparency initiative, they are shifting their focus to investigate what drives spending locally.

Next Change Agent Chat: Tuesday, August 28, 12-12:30pm MT
Featured Change Agent:   Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) - Upcoming Summit

C-TAC works to ensure that people with advanced illness receive the care they want in the settings that are right for them. In October, C-TAC is hosting their National Summit here in Denver and this year's focus is on the "how" of improving advanced care.

Join us for our next #ChangeAgentChat where CIVHC's Director of Health Care Programs, Kari Degerness, talks to C-TAC about the upcoming Summit and their work across the nation.
Advanced Care Workshop for Providers
Monday, October 8, 2018
History Colorado Center
Join us on October 8th for a full day workshop to gain an understanding of Advance Care Planning (ACP). Discussion topics will include current ACP policies, the necessary legal forms, reimbursement models, and how to initiate and facilitate the conversation with patients and their families.
Save the Date!
Dollars and Sense
CIVHC Connect
November 13, 2018
History Colorado Center
The economics of the American Health care system stopped making sense a long time ago. This November, the conversation changes.

Dollars and Sense is a day-long event featuring new data and analysis from local and national leaders in health care transparency and cost containment.

Mark your calendars for November 13th. Registration and agenda coming soon!
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